Podcast Episode #11 – From the stage to the screen. A chat with Academy Award Nominee Richard LaGravenese.

There have been a ton of Broadway musical to movie adaptations over the years . . . from Chicago to Hairspray to Rent to Into the Woods. But there have been hardly any Off Broadway musical to movie adaptations. And then all of a sudden, here comes a film version of The Last 5 Years starring A-lister Anna Kendrick and soon-to-be-an-A-lister Jeremy Jordan. How did …

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Sometimes you need to puke to make yourself feel better.

I haven’t thrown up since 1984. Seriously, I’m talking 31 years without so much as a dry heave.  And that’s an extra special accomplishment when you consider the tons of buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks and General Tso’s chicken I’ve eaten over those three decades. But when it comes to writing shows, writing ad copy, or …

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This is not a dog. Or Ceci n’est pas un chien.

Made ya look, didn’t it? The dog in the photo on this blog, artistically frozen in mid walk, stands outside the 72nd Street Subway Station, making passerbys (like this producer-blogger) do double takes.  It’s one of my favorite pieces of art that has been dropped onto New York City streets. (Remember those crazy cows?  What the …

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