Why Broadway Producers need longer option periods.

When a Broadway producer options a play or a musical from an Author, the Producer pays a set amount of money (the advance) for a set amount of time.  Usually that initial option period is a year.  However, in the rights agreement, that option period can usually be extended to a second year and maybe a third. That used to be enough time to get a show mounted.  But now?  It just ain’t. First, putting a team together to mount a show takes a heck of a lot more time than before.  Just finding a director can take months (frankly, …

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5 Tips to Starting a Theater Blog (or any blog for that matter).

So you wanna start a theater blog, huh? Gosh, I hope the answer to that is yes. See, my mission statement, on and off my blog, is simple.  I want to amplify the conversation about theater.  If more people are talking about theater, whether that’s because of my blog or because they are playing my board game, then maybe more people will want to go see the theater, or get involved in the theater.  And that floats all our boats, and more importantly enriches people’s lives (cuz I think that’s what the theater does). If there are more theater blogs …

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The secret to making more people fall in love with your show.

It’s dramatic writing 101 that the hero of your story (whether that’s a play, a musical, or a movie) has to want something.  Badly.  It gives him (or her) an action.  A hero that doesn’t want anything just becomes a couch potato.   And there are enough of those in the world, right? And it’s musical writing 101 that the hero of the show comes out and explicitly states what they want in the first few scenes of said show.  “All I want is a room somewhere,” “I want so much more than this provincial life,” “I gotta find my …

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I’ve been keeping a secret from you.

The truth is . . . I’ve been cheating on you. Yep.  It’s true.  I’ve been emailing other people on the side. Before you break up with me, let me explain. Over the past couple of years, we’ve assembled quite a list of writers who have attended our speed-dates, submitted scripts to our 10 minute play contests, utilized our script coverage service and more. And, well, I never intended something to happen between us, but it did. See, from time to time I get information about new script writing contests, commission programs, etc. and I also come across tips tailored just for …

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5 Ways Professional Wrestling is like Broadway.

I got sucked into a late-night cable vortex last night. I was flipping through my brand new FiOS (it’s fancy, y’all, and so much better than Time Warner), and I stopped my clicker somewhere in the 500s on a guy in a red speedo who had his arms wrapped around another dude who was wearing a cape. At first I thought I found a lost live-action version of The Ambiguosly Gay Duo.  And then I realized, “No.  This is just professional wrestling.” I loved wrestling as a kid.  Hulk Hogan, Rowdy Roddy Piper, WrestleMania.  Man, it was fun.  It’s kind of like …

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