You got yourself a Producer . . . now what?

A consult client stepped into my stripped bare office last week (we’re moving!) and said, “Ken, I hope you can help, because I’m extremely frustrated.” “What’s the matter?  Can’t get producers to attend your reading?  Having trouble raising money?” “No,” he said, slamming his script on my wobbly desk.  “I have a Producer!” I know . . . you’re thinking, “#SpoiledPlaywrightProblems,” right?  So many playwrights and composers are beggin’ for someone to produce their work, and this guy has one? He continued, “I have a Producer .  . . but still, nothing is happening!” “And what have you been doing …

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The asset and liability of doing theater.

What I love about theater is that it is always evolving.  You create this work of art, and then it changes and changes . . . through rehearsals, through previews . . . and even years after opening.  Because it happens live, you can tinker and twist to change with the times (and as your actors will allow). That makes theater one of the most unique art forms on the planet. You paint a picture, and hang it in a museum and it’s done. You write a book, publish it, and that’s it. And film?  Once that sucker is cut …

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The secret of The Forrest Gump Formula.

Sometimes I think the success of a movie should be measured not in awards and box office grosses, but in the number of memorable quotes that become pop culture cliches. If that were really how it was done, then Forrest “Life Is Like A Box of Chocolates” Gump would be the biggest smash of all time. “Run, Forrest, run,” “Stupid is as stupid does,” and even The Bubba Gump Shrimp Company are just a few of the phrases that could be part of a Jeopardy category dedicated to the iconic film. As if those quotes weren’t enough . . .  to top it …

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Why in the wind is the weather so scary.

If you’re like me, and you get your daily weather report from The Weather Channel’s, then you might think the sky is falling.  Literally. Take a look at the headlines that have appeared on the homepage over the last week: Why Scientists Are Worried About Yellowstone Tropical Threat, The Next Move Most Powerful Earthquake in Decades Hammers California Entire Town Running Out of Water Gulf of Mexico:  Tropical Threat Ahead WARNING:  Threat Brewing in the Gulf Dangerous Storms Ahead Scary, right?  Not a single positive, good times, sunny day, headline in the bunch. Why? Because someone at The Weather …

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You’re a writer, whether you know it or not.

A reader asked me recently what I spend most of my day as a Producer doing. “Is it analyzing ticket trends?  Making budgets?  Schmoozing agents to get their stars to do your shows?” I do each of those things just about every day, actually.  But that’s not what I do the most. What I do the most . . . is write. I write letters to authors.  I write memos to theater owners.  I write text messages to actors.  I also write copy for my investor marketing packets.  I write policies for my staff.  I write remarks for meetings with unions.  I …

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