Can you build a house without a blueprint?

I guess you could build a house without a blueprint. But it would probably be pretty loosely constructed, and might fall over, taking you and all of your possessions with it. Remember analogies on the SATs?  Here’s one for you – Blueprint is to House as . . . Outline is to Play. Can you write a show without an outline? Sure, but it would probably be pretty loosely constructed, and might fall over, taking you and all of your possessions with it. Outlines are not only good to get you started (sometimes writing a show seems like such a daunting …

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Is what came before more interesting than the original?

There’s a new trend in entertainment, which I like to think that Broadway ignited with the monster success of Wicked, the prequel to The Wizard of Oz. Ok, ok, I know that Wicked was a pretty successful book before it became a ginormously successful musical, but I do believe if it wasn’t for the success of Wicked, we wouldn’t be seeing so many prequels now. And we are seeing a lot more of them than ever before. There’s Gotham, the TV series about Batman before he was Batman. There’s the new flick Dracula Untold about the origins of the great blood …

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Need to finish your musical? Here’s how.

The best advice I ever got as I was coming up as a Producer was, “Want a show to happen?  Book a theater.” There’s nothing better than an opening night to make you make it happen.  It’s the ultimate deadline. So if you’ve been drafting and redrafting your musical, I’ve got a great deadline for you . . . because it’s the same one that launched my musical producing career.  The New York Musical Theatre Festival is now accepting submissions for their Next Link program!  And their deadline is just 3.5 weeks away!  (You’ve got until November 3rd.) Whenever I talk …

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All I want is a room somewhere . . .

Eliza Doolittle wasn’t the only one who needed a little place of her own.  Cinderella needed her “own little corner,” as well.  And that big dreamer Pippin needed a corner too.  Of course, a room and a chair weren’t good enough for that dude.  Oh no, his corner had to be in the sky. Everyone needs a place where they belong . . . but especially musical theater heroines and heroes . . . and the people that create them. That’s why we had an open-door policy for creatives to come and work rent-free at my rehearsal studios.  Unfortunately, my …

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5 Takeaways from the latest Get Your Show Off The Ground Seminar.

Two weeks ago, on one of the last beautiful days of the summer, eight passionate peeps sacrificed the sun to get together with me and work on something that would keep them smiling through the dark days of winter:  their project! That’s right, it was my Get Your Show Off The Ground Seminar! And it was a great one.  We had discussions about networking, about how to fill the seats of your showcase with Producers, and we even had a comic book superhero make an appearance. As usual, my trusty associate, Kayla, jotted down some of my Kenisms throughout the seminar …

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