5 Tips to Starting a Theater Blog (or any blog for that matter).

So you wanna start a theater blog, huh? Gosh, I hope the answer to that is yes. See, my mission statement, on and off my blog, is simple.  I want to amplify the conversation about theater.  If more people are talking about theater, whether that’s because of my blog or because they are playing my board game, then maybe more people will want to go see the theater, or get involved in the theater.  And that floats all our boats, and more importantly enriches people’s lives (cuz I think that’s what the theater does). If there are more theater blogs …

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What worries Taylor Swift doesn’t worry me.

In case you haven’t noticed, this Taylor Swift girl is going somewhere.  She’s got a future, that one.  You heard it here on first.  Mark my blog. Taylor has always been a star, but her wattage amplified to the nth power last week when her new album “1989” sold over 1 million albums in 7 days.  That’s a lot of downloads, yo. She also made news when she yanked her music from the super-streamin’ Spotify music service, which allows users to stream any song they want for free.  Don’t misunderstand . . . the artists do get a few …

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The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to Blank! the Musical off Broadway!

I love me some improv. Some of my most jaw dropping moments in decades of theater going weren’t watching the helicopter take off in Saigon, or the entire Sunset Boulevard house rise like the Ghost of Claudius . . . nope, some of the most thrilling moments have been watching the country’s most skilled improv performers like The Nuclear Family and Baby Wants Candy blow my mind with their ability to make @#%$ up on the spot. There’s nothing cooler or more creative (it’s why I used improv to create The Awesome 80s Prom, Gettin’ The Band Back Together and the web series I’m shooting as I type). You know what …

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Who won Seth Rudetsky’s Broadway Diary Volume #1?

Well, I think we got enough entries into this week’s giveaway to produce The Producer’s Perspective Broadway Diary Volume #1 – 10! Thanks for regaling me with your stories of impromptu nakedness, sticking your foot in your mouth with Joe Papp, and more (read ‘em here). But my favorite, and the winner of the Seth’s Broadway Diary was submitted by Brenda Chapman!  For those of you who missed it, here’s Brenda’s story: In our High School production of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo “died,” with his dagger beneath him, where Juliet couldn’t reach. As she was about to try choking herself to …

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