Who won The Rise and Fall of a Theater Geek?

Ok, so, I say this with so much love . . . You guys are the geekiest of all theater geeks ever.   We had fantastically funny stories for this week’s giveaway, including teaching dogs to ‘sing’ “Rose’s Turn” and telling your softball team that they should “rehearse” more.  (Dogs featured in a lot of …

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The Cirque is coming to town!

Theaters don’t stay dark too long these days.  Even the ones that are tougher to fill. I was the Associate Company Manager of the original production of Ragtime at the Lyric Theatre (then the Ford Center), and some say that producer Garth Drabinsky left a curse on the building when the company behind Ragtime went bankrupt and …

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Why most first drafts of new plays are overwritten.

We get a lot of new plays submitted to us through our open submission program (we’re proud to be one of the few offices that take unsolicited submissions – even though, admittedly, it can take us a while to get to all of ’em, but if you saw our inbox, you’d understand) as well as …

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