The following are the Broadway Grosses for the week ending April 13, 2014:

Show GrossGross Total Attn %Cap
A GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE TO LOVE AND MURDER $407,665 5,122 70.59% $79.59
A RAISIN IN THE SUN $1,182,511 8,368 100.00% $141.31
ACT ONE $309,452 6,316 72.83% $48.99
AFTER MIDNIGHT $417,318 5,568 67.18% $74.95
ALADDIN $1,178,422 13,786 100.01% $85.48
ALL THE WAY $893,167 8,206 72.13% $108.84
BEAUTIFUL $917,392 7,669 93.43% $119.62
BULLETS OVER BROADWAY $813,145 11,221 86.05% $72.47
CABARET $667,721 6,823 96.59% $97.86
CASA VALENTINA $192,074 4,047 78.55% $47.46
CHICAGO $607,106 7,070 81.83% $85.87
CINDERELLA $946,408 11,425 81.56% $82.84
HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH $884,092 7,048 100.59% $125.44
IF/THEN $964,759 9,295 88.63% $103.79
JERSEY BOYS $665,420 6,741 68.62% $98.71
KINKY BOOTS $1,422,291 10,769 94.53% $132.07
LADY DAY AT EMERSON’S BAR & GRILL $366,156 4,639 97.17% $78.93
LES MISÉRABLES $1,147,961 10,126 89.83% $113.37
MAMMA MIA! $627,337 7,442 79.78% $84.30
MATILDA $1,174,694 11,368 99.23% $103.33
MOTHERS AND SONS $238,128 3,412 53.18% $69.79
MOTOWN THE MUSICAL $1,067,046 10,425 86.47% $102.35
NEWSIES $744,353 8,701 91.78% $85.55
OF MICE AND MEN $796,078 8,321 96.94% $95.67
ONCE $473,697 5,333 62.95% $88.82
PIPPIN $630,280 6,307 79.63% $99.93
ROCK OF AGES $347,060 4,227 90.63% $82.11
ROCKY $754,394 8,773 72.34% $85.99
THE BOOK OF MORMON $1,586,091 8,752 102.63% $181.23
THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY $322,366 4,424 54.27% $72.87
THE CRIPPLE OF INISHMAAN $155,234 2,133 99.39% $72.78
THE LION KING $1,914,937 13,602 100.01% $140.78
THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA $958,388 11,535 89.84% $83.09
THE REALISTIC JONESES $518,159 5,935 85.08% $87.31
THE VELOCITY OF AUTUMN $100,056 3,074 50.63% $32.55
VIOLET $258,167 5,080 86.51% $50.82
WICKED $1,930,362 15,275 99.03% $126.37
Totals: $28,579,879 288,358 84.34% $93.06



greed the musical off broadwayThis week’s Sunday Giveaway is Super-Super-Supersized!  (Read that back again out loud in your favorite Monster Truck Announcer Voice and you’ll get what I was going for.)

We’ve got four tickets to Greed, the new Off Broadway musical now playing at New World Stages.  

What’s Greed about?

It’s about lust.

No, no.  It’s about greed, duh.

From the marketing blurb:

“What do Jamie Dimon, Lance Armstrong, Pope Francis and Bernie Madoff have in common?  They all appear in Greed: A Musical for Our Times.  The musical comedy’s targets range from Ponzi schemes to the not-so-subtle sales pitches of retirement planners and mortgage bundlers. With numbers like “A Little Juice,” “Inside Information,” “I’ll Cheat On My Taxes” and “The Ballad of Jamie Dimon,” Greed takes aim at the obvious, and not so obvious, targets.”Funny, right?  And I wonder how many people from our own beloved industry could appear in this show?  I could give you a few dozen names myself.  :-)  But I won’t.  It’s Sunday, after all.

You can learn more about it here.

And you can win four tickets right here!  And here’s how:

Speaking of greed.  Let’s talk about our favorite “greedy” subject:  Broadway ticket prices.

Full price tickets for Broadway shows are now in the $130-$140 range.

It’s 2014.  Tell me what you think the full price ticket will be (including facility fees) in 2025.  Ten years from now. Comment your answer below and you could win!  Good luck!  And let greed be with you!


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This week’s giveaway proves that Producers aren’t the only ones reading this blog . . . we’ve got a heck of a lot of writers out there as well . . . and good ones, based on the parody lyrics you all sent in for this week’s Forbidden Broadway ticket giveaway.  ”A Whole New Show,”  ”Nothing’s Gonna Close You,” “Any Words Will Do,” were just a few of the titles of tunes you came up with.

But there can only be one winner.

And that lucky parodist is . . .

Caskey Hunsader for his Cinderella parody!  (Click here to read it.)

Congrats, Caskey . . . email me for your tickets.  You’re gonna love the show (and hopefully love the theater it is in too!).

Parodies are fun.  Oh, and you don’t need the rights to the music when you do them – so they make great first projects for Producers.

In other words.  Parody on!


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Broadway StarsI found ‘em.

I found the stars that will replace in Les Miz.  (Cameron, you can thank me later.)

I just did a Fun on a Friday blog last week, so I normally wouldn’t put one up again so quickly (I’m a “fun” curmudgeon, I guess), but I just get such a kick out of this video and the stars in it, that I had to break my personal bloggin’ rule.

I’ll admit that one of the reasons I love the vid is because it reminds me of my freshman year at Johns Hopkins University, when me and my dormmates used to play that classic college game, “Let’s sing Les Miz in the hallway!”

The other reason I love the vid is because it’s a great reminder of the most important characteristic Producers need to find from stars they want to put in their shows.

What is that special sauce that the two stars in this video have?

They L-O-V-E the theater.  It’s obvious.

One of them loves it so much, that he’s back on Broadway this season.  And the other one, well, I’d bet money we’ll see him on Broadway at some point.

Enjoy their love, and look for that love when you’re looking for a star for your show.  (If you’re an email subscriber and you can’t see the video, click here.)


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white stretch limo broadway As I prepped for my Producing 101 Tele-Seminar this past weekend (which started last night and was a blast – and not too late for you to sign up), I did a lot of thinking about the moments in my producing career that helped shape me as a Producer.

There was the Hal Prince story, the  $100,000 investor story, and of course . . . the limo story.

You’ve never heard me tell the limo story?  That’s because I never tell it.

But I’m going to today, because it’s a great reminder that Producers face all sorts of challenges, from raising millions of dollars, to coming up with marketing plans to make sure we can sell enough tickets to recoup those millions of dollars.  But it’s the simple ones that really make you sweat, and that teach you how to think on your feet.

And this one involved a white stretch limo and the Altar Boyz.

And it taught me more about producing than anything else up until that moment.

I had planned a huge press event for the signing of the cast recording of Altar Boyz, the second Off-Broadway show that I produced. Now, I’m a bit of a “stunt-man” when it comes to press.  And to make our signing a bit special (and press worthy), I challenged the Backstreet Boys to a “Boy Band Battle” and invited them to show up at Virgin Megastore to see who the better boy band really was–them . . . or the Altar Boyz.

I wrote a letter and took out an ad in Time Out challenging them to show up.  I sent emails, faxes . . . letters.  When they didn’t respond, I even sent them a rubber chicken (for being “chicken” . . . get it?).

For the day of the signing, I planned to have the guys arrive at the Virgin Megastore in a beautiful white stretch limo.  I hired 100 girls to stand nearby with “I <3 The Altar Boyz!” signs and and chase the limo when it rounded the corner.  I got fake fans, fake paparazzi, and even fake security. I had everything.

Except . . . the white stretch limo.

It was supposed to pick up The Boyz and me five blocks away.  But it was late. 5 minutes. 10 minutes. 15 minutes. Very late.

And when I called the company, they couldn’t even locate the driver.

I was about to panic. I was about to scream. I was about to run home, call my mom and tell her I was doing what she wanted and going to law school.

I had hired 125 people for this event.  And there were hundreds of others that were going to show up at the signing!  And the press!

What to do.

I looked around for some sort of transportation. Cabs? Horse-drawn carriages? The Naked Cowboy? No, no, definitely no. And then I remembered that this was Times Square. This was New York City. Certainly there had to be . . .

And I started running up and down the streets looking for people who were driving any kind of fancy car. I started flagging them down like I was pregnant and my water just broke.

And then I saw a white stretch limo coming my way.   I jumped out in the middle of 8th Avenue and pulled him over.

It wasn’t ours.

But it turned out the driver had an hour to kill before an airport run. And I don’t remember what I said to him, but he agreed to help. And he didn’t even want the $100 I offered.

My Boyz jumped in the back (they had no idea the original limo didn’t show), and we made our grand entrance with 100 screaming teenage girls with signs proclaiming their love for the Altar Boyz behind us – and about 500 people from Times Square who walked in just because of the commotion – and the limo.  Success!

Until now, everyone thought that the event went off without a hitch.  And for me, that’s what a Producer has to do . . . solve problems, without anyone ever knowing there is a problem.

And that limo (or lack thereof) taught me so much about how to produce Broadway shows.

Because you see, the challenge of producing shows or producing anything . . . is that half the time things don’t go the way you plan.

But for me . . . that’s when things get fun.


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