The Sunday Giveaway: A party of TEN to That Bachelorette Show!

I bet you didn’t even know about That Bachelorette Show, did you? And I bet you didn’t even know I was producing it. As you probably do know, I created and produced one of Off Broadway’s longest running interactive shows, The Awesome 80s Prom.  Well, after a 10+ year run (!), the 80s are over, kiddos.  The Prom moonwalked through its last show last night. One of the things I learned in the past decade is that there is always a market for an interactive show that allows the fun, party atmosphere that the Prom had, that Tony n’ Tina’s had, that The Donkey Show had, …

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Who won the ticket to TEDxBroadway?

Usually when I announce the winner of the Sunday Giveaway I tell you to go back and read the smarty pants comments you made, because, well, because they are so smarty pants. But this time?  Don’t. Because I’m going to do something with them. If you remember, to enter this week’s giveaway, I asked you to come up with an idea to make Broadway better, no matter how crazy, and share it with me and your fellow PP readers.  Well, you guys came up with such gold, I’m going to mine it. Stay tuned for a blog inspired by your …

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Speaking of Britain, how’s the Business?

I always report on the end of year figures for Broadway, and even give you the quarterly reports as well (stay tuned for next week’s 3rd Quarter results, which I expect to be fascinating).  And since I picked on Great Britain yesterday, I thought I owed them a little love today . . . so why not take a look at how they’re doing? Just a couple of weeks ago, SOLT (the Society of London Theatre), the British equivalent of the Broadway League, announced their year end figures, and by George, it’s good news. The Gross Box Office tally for 2014 came …

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Are we experiencing another British invasion?

I don’t know about you, but it feels like everywhere I look this Broadway season, someone is talking with a British accent. We’ve got Curious Incident and Queen Elizabeth and that two-parter Wolf Hall to name just a few of the tea and crumpet crews that have landed on our shores this year. So is it just me, or are the British really coming, and coming, and coming? As much as I like to go with my gut, I like to go with the data even more, so I put my trusty assistant Dylan on the task of sorting through …

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Why theater owners should produce more . . . again.

Back in the day, the theater owners were some of the most prolific Producers on Broadway.  They produced in part by necessity . . . if their theaters were dark and they needed a booking, they just produced a show to fill the slot. But as theater became more expensive, and therefore more risky, and as more and more Producers raised their hands and said, “I wanna be a Producer,” the theater owners backed off and said, “Be our guest.” But the recent announcement of theater owner Jordan Roth’s upcoming revival of Falsettos reminded me that they should all start producing again with the …

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