How to put the New York Times critics in your pocket.

Like it or not, reviews matter. And if you’re interested in the business of Broadway (which I gotta assume you are), then knowing what the reviewers say about all the shows on Broadway, not only your own, matters even more.  There’s nothing worse than schmoozing someone over a cocktail and they say, “Did you see those reviews from so-and-so last night,” and you haven’t.  Gulp! That’s why I created DidHeLikeIt.com, which gives you a quick snapshot of whether or not the New York Times (and all other important critics) like a show or not.  And, when you sign up for the …

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This Sunday, It’s Off Broadway Shark Tank!

They beat me to it. I’ve been brainstorming a way to do a live Broadway Shark Tank, and were just getting ready to firm up the details, when, leave it to those crafty folks over at the Off Broadway Alliance to beat me to it.  (Goes to show you, sometimes launching first, and perfecting second is the best way to go – especially when you’re dealing with a “hot” topic of an idea.) But in this case, who cares about who came up with it first, because this is just awesome for everyone. This Sunday, at high noon, the Off …

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6 Reasons why the State of the Union is like Opening Night of a Broadway Show.

Politics is one of the greatest stages in the world.  And every year, we see one helluva show when the President addresses Congress and The Country World with his State of the Union address. It’s got all sorts of drama built in, and as I watched President Obama do his yearly duty last night, I couldn’t help but think that it reminded me of a Broadway opening night. So here are my six reasons why the State of the Union is like a Broadway opening night: 1.  IT STARTS LATE The advertised curtain time was 9:00 PM, but the President didn’t …

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This is not a dog. Or Ceci n’est pas un chien.

Made ya look, didn’t it? The dog in the photo on this blog, artistically frozen in mid walk, stands outside the 72nd Street Subway Station, making passerbys (like this producer-blogger) do double takes.  It’s one of my favorite pieces of art that has been dropped onto New York City streets. (Remember those crazy cows?  What the udder was that?) The piece is called “Stray Dog” by Tony Matelli, and from what I heard, there are a few of these lost puppy dogs roaming ’round the city. So why did it get my attention, and how can we take its street techniques and …

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Broadway Grosses* w/e 1/18/2015

The following are the Broadway grosses for the week ending January 18th, 2015.
The Broadway grosses are courtesy of The Broadway League
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