The secret to making more people fall in love with your show.

It’s dramatic writing 101 that the hero of your story (whether that’s a play, a musical, or a movie) has to want something.  Badly.  It gives him (or her) an action.  A hero that doesn’t want anything just becomes a couch potato.   And there are enough of those in the world, right? And it’s musical writing 101 that the hero of the show comes out and explicitly states what they want in the first few scenes of said show.  “All I want is a room somewhere,” “I want so much more than this provincial life,” “I gotta find my …

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The British are coming! And now they want us to come to them.

Yesterday I talked about how we were getting crushed by the Brits in the stage to screen war. Well, today I’m reporting that they are also advancing on other fronts. And on November 18th, they are landing on our shores and looking to take some prisoners back to their homeland. I got an email from the Head of UK Trade and Investment NY a few weeks ago that I’m sure was sent to all of the members of the Broadway League. It was a very nice invitation to a reception at the British Consulate General (fancy, right?). What was the …

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What my father said that pi$$ed me off.

My dad really knows how to get my “billy” goat.  (That will make sense in a minute.) About five years ago I got my father tickets to see the Metropolitan Opera . . . in HD.  You know about that, right?  It’s the program that the Met has that brings the opera to the rest of the country/world by showing telecasts in movie theaters. See, my father loves the opera.  But he doesn’t love going to New York City.  So the Met brought the opera to him. When I first gave him the tickets, he refused them.  “No,” he said in his …

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The Sunday Giveaway: An Autographed Copy of Seth’s Broadway Diary by Seth Rudetsky!

I first met Seth Rudetsky back when Bill Clinton was President, when he and I were working on the Broadway revival of Grease. You know, the one where the theater was painted pink and everyone from Brooke Shields to the Olympic Gymnast Dominique Dawes made an appearance (oh, and Billy Porter played Teen Angel!). Since then Seth has written for Rosie O’Donnell’s talk show, hosted a Sirius radio show, written an off Broadway Disaster musical, and deconstructed lots of diva performances in his Chatterbox. And now, he wrote a book? What’s cool about the book is that it’s actually like a …

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