The difference in Broadway Demographics in six years.

You know why I love you guys? No, it’s not because you laugh at my jokes . . . because obviously I can’t hear you if you do laugh . . . which is probably better off, because I’d probably cry in my buffalo wing sauce if you didn’t. I love you because you ask smart questions.  And you make me think.  And you make me learn. Example . . . Last week, I posted my annual by rote post revealing the latest demographic information of the Broadway Audience as released by the Broadway League.  And as always, there were great …

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5 Reasons why I loved Peter Pan Live on NBC.

Imagine for a second that you start producing Broadway shows.  And your first Broadway show is Wicked.  The next Broadway show is bound to come up short, no matter how well it does, right? That’s the position NBC was in after last year’s surprising The Sound of Music pulled in over 18 million viewers.  It was a Wicked-like performance, and they set themselves up for a disappointment. The ratings are now in for Pan and it pulled in only 9.2 million viewers (!), which is one of the best Thursday nights the network has ever had.  But still, the rumors are that the big brass at NBC …

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The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to hear Whoopi Goldberg read The Night Before Christmas!

Ho ho ho, it’s the holidays! And when you think holidays, you think Santa Claus, Frosty The Snowman . . . and Whoopi Goldberg? Leave it to the NY Philharmonic to shake up the ol’ Christmas Classic, The Night Before Christmas, by having Whoopi Goldberg read it to their holiday concert audience on December 19th! What a fun idea, right?  Who says orchestras were boring?  Way to go, NY Phil. You want to go, don’t you?  You’re curious about what the Whoop is gonna say.  Whatever she says, you know it’ll be funny. And lucky for you, I’m giving away two tickets …

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Who won the tickets to see Sticks and Bones off Broadway?

This week I asked you all to tell me about your first show or job that put you on your passionate path of the theater. From a 4 year old Sugar Plum Fairy to a 5th grade artistic director/set designer . . . so many of you were introduced to the theater at a young age. Makes me think about this guy and the next generation of theatergoers. But let’s get to the reason you’re all here, to see who win the tickets to Sticks and Bones! Katie K you win! Email me to set up your tickets. Stay tuned …

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