The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to Sylvia on Broadway!

Woof!  Woof! Well someone give me a big ol’ bone sprayed with bacon juice because we’ve got one tail-waggin’ giveaway this week!  It’s two tickets to see Sylvia on Broadway. Yep, you’re running around in circles right now, you’re so happy, aren’t you?  Aren’t you, boy?  Yes, yes you are! (If you can’t tell, I miss …

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Do this 10 minute exercise before you raise money.

As I wrote about in Raise It, the key to a successful raise is everything you do before you start raising money. (Ever take a ballet class? A pirouette is all about the prep before you turn. Do everything else right and the turn just happens.) But sometimes you don’t have months or years to prepare for …

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Why Stephen Sondheim is wrong.

Stephen Sondheim is a genius.  And as I said in one of my first blogs, way back in 2007, he’s the Shakespeare of American Musical Theater. But that doesn’t mean he’s right all the time. And last week, he was just wrong. Not about anything artistic, mind you.  I’m certainly not correcting a lyric of …

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