The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to The Visit on Broadway!

Another week and another big Broadway giveaway here at The Producer’s Perspective! And this one is for a show that I’m producing!  Yep, this week we’re giving away two tickets to The Visit!  (Click here to read my original announcement about why I decided to produce the show.) I have to say that being in the room at the “meet and greet” of The Visit was one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced.  You know that childhood game you played with your siblings, “Punchbuggy”?  You know, the one where you got a punch in the arm every time your bro …

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Who won the tickets to Hand to God on Broadway?

When I come up with questions for the Sunday Giveaway, I usually go for something fun or for something that I can learn from. And this week, your giveaway answers were both. I asked what the most shocking thing you’ve seen on stage was, and I got everything from full frontal puppet nudity to spewing blood in horror spoofs to domestic violence and more.  There’s no question that taking the audience by surprise and shaking them to the core, whether for laughs or for tears, makes for a memorable performance and instant word of mouth.  But there’s a fine line between when …

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Why this Broadway bound musical worries me.

I try to remain super positive about our lovely little industry, even when things make me go “Ummmm?” I had one of those, “Ok, Ken, stay positive.  Stay positive.  No cracks.  Stay positive,” moments a few weeks ago when a new musical announced that it was on its way to Broadway. That musical? SpongeBob SquarePants. Hey!  I said stay positive! In an obvious “We’re getting our butts kicked by Disney” move, Nickelodeon and its ginormous parent company, Viacom, are trying to get into the game. So what concerns me? Well, allow me to let the comments on the Entertainment Weekly article about the …

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We’re gettin’ our butts kicked so badly, it’s embarrassing.

A headline on my daily lunch time read, Playbill.com, captured my attention recently.  It screamed . . . “Schedule of Upcoming Live Theatre Broadcasts in Movie Theatres and on Television”. I squealed like a 7 year old who just got the new Elsa doll when I read it.  Of course, I wondered what shows I could catch at my local cineplex, but more importantly I started thinking about the shows I could recommend to my Mom and Dad who live out in suburban land, hours away from New York City.  This was a chance for them to get a taste of Broadway …

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