What to do when the show CAN’T go on.

There were tears running down her face. A friend and Producer-peer of mine was trying to comfort her, but not much was working. After all, it was her 16th birthday and she had tickets to Hamilton. And this big bully with an ice cold heart named Jonas had just blizzard-ed all over her dreams. She …

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How to make Broadway more Accessible: VIDEOS.

I kept something from you. Don’t be mad.  I’m making up for it today. A week ago last Friday I held a special event at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre sponsored by Spring Awakening and The Broadway League, just for the Leaders in the industry (Broadway League Members, Union Leadership, Non-Profit Executives, etc., etc.).  I wanted …

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The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to My Big Gay Italian Midlife Crisis Off Broadway!

Come on, admit it.  The title made you laugh. If you haven’t been paying attention, a mini-theatrical “franchise” popped up Off Broadway about a decade ago and has been going strong ever since. First there was My Big Gay Italian Wedding . . . then that show came back (and starred the Real Housewives of …

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