This kills more shows than anything.

No, it’s not the book. No, it’s not if you’ve got a star or not. It’s not even whether you’re a totally original show, or based on a blockbuster. The one thing that kills more shows (and makes more shows) is something that we can’t control. It’s . . . . uh . . t-t …

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Freebie Friday: Get Free Script Coverage!

TGIFF. That’s right.  No typo there.  Two Fs in that Acronym.  Thank G-D it’s F@#$ing Friday.  Am I right, people? In the spirit of celebrating the upcoming weekend, we’re instituting a new feature here at TheProducersPerspective . . . Freebie Friday! Unlike the Sunday Giveaways we used to do, we’re only going to do this …

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The Post Office does it. Why can’t we?

Stockbrokers watch the news for stories that might affect the future of industries so they know when to buy or sell. Are we entering an armed conflict overseas?  Buy “defense” stocks.  Gas prices go up?  Sell automobile manufacturers. I try to watch the news in the Broadway industry like a broker, to see what I think will go …

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