The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to Gigi on Broadway!

Oh-la-la, we’ve got a verrrry grrrreat giveaway today, n’est-ce pas? (Did the French accent come through on that?  Because I was channeling my best Gérard Depardieu.) Today, I’m giving away two tickets to France! Ok, ok, maybe not two actual tickets to France, but for sure, the next best thing.  I’ve got two tickets to Gigi …

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Who won the tickets to The Theory of Relativity at Goodspeed?

As you all know, my giveaway winners are chosen by random, but it just so happens that I thought this week’s winner’s idea for how to speed up the development of musicals was the best.  Her advice? “Collaboration and DEADLINES!” Nothing gets things done faster than a deadline.  I quote my favorite piece of advice …

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