How will the Age of Attention Deficit affect our art?

We all know that we have shorter attention spans than we used to.  In fact, according to this, goldfish can pay attention to stimuli longer than humans can. And this is even more true for all the pesky whipper-snappers out there who were practically born with a digital device in their cute little fingers.  They are the …

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The Sunday Giveaway: Two Tickets to SHEAR MADNESS Off Broadway!

Quick . . . trivia time . . . what’s the longest running play of any kind, anywhere, since the beginning of time? It’s not Phantom. It’s not The Fantasticks. It’s The Mousetrap. The Mousetrap has been running continuously in the West End since 1952.  That’s right, I said 1952!  They’ve done over 26,000 performances of that sucker. What …

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