5 Ways to Get More Retweets

If you’re marketing your show or yourself on Twitter, your primary goal is simple:

Get the maximum number of retweets you can.

More retweets means more people see your message.

To compare it to old school advertising . . . imagine you send out a direct mail postcard.  The person who gets it likes it so much, they send it to their friend.  Now imagine that this happens one hundred times in one minute.  🙂

A retweet is instant amplification for whatever you want the world to know about you and/or your show.

So how do you get more retweets?

To help get you more RTs, I put together this quick hit list that you can start using right now.



1.  It’s All In The Timing

When your marketing message lands impacts how far it spreads.  Send tweets at different times of day to find out when your specific audience is most likely to retweet it.  A few hours can mean the difference between a whole bunch of retweets.  (Some Social Media web apps like Hootsuite.com will optimize your sending for you to make sure your tweets are most likely to be seen by the most people.)

2. Picture This!

Pictures and images (and especially infographics) are much more likely to get retweeted.  So add a photo to your witty comment and your tweets are guaranteed to get more play.

3.  Ask and Ye Shall Get Retweeted!

Tweets are advertisements, and they often need a call to action too!  Want a retweet?  Tell your audience what to do.  “Please RT!”  It’ll work.  (I wouldn’t use this all the time, but in discretion it works like a tweet charmer.)

4.  Short is Successful

Twitter has a 140 character limit, but the best and most retweeted folks out there know to keep their tweets shorter.  Shorter tweets are easier to read and digest, and therefore easier to RT.

5.  Hashtag it up!

#Hashtags are not to be used “willy nilly” as my Grandma used to say.  People like to make up their own, when in fact you should use those valuable characters to tag into a larger conversation.  The right hashtag can get you thousands more impressions, which can lead to hundreds more retweets.  That’s right, I said hundreds!


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