A livestreaming thank you from Ken Davenport

 Hi Livestreamer.  Ken Davenport here, Producer of Daddy Long Legs.

I’m a guy who sets pretty high expectations for myself. In my work, in my new marriage, in my golf game, etc.

So when I decided that Daddy Long Legs would be the first ever Broadway or Off Broadway show to be livestreamed around the world. . . I set some pretty high expectations for what it would look like, how many people would tune in, and what the audience would think of the show, and more..

And well, thanks to you, we exceeded even my high expectations.I can’t get into the specifics of audience numbers just yet because we’re planning a big release to the press and on my blog on Tuesday, but let me just tell you this . . . the numbers and all the info we learned from the survey you took . . . are good. Really good. 🙂

One of the biggest takeaways from the survey was how many of you loved Daddy Long Legs and how many of you wanted to see it live . . . or how many of you wanted to purchase tickets for a friend as a gift.

Because you asked for it, and because, well, because I owe you one for your passionate embrace of livestreaming, I wanted to give you a unique offer to see Daddy Long Legs for the lowest price available, anywhere.

Full price tickets for Daddy Long Legs are $89.50, but I’m going to take $40 $50 off. So, for a limited time, just for livestream viewers, you can get tickets for all performances (including over the much-sought-after holiday performances) for only $39.50.And want to get tickets for someone as a gift? We’ve got Daddy Long Legs gift cards! In fact, we’re the ONLY show on or Off Broadway with show specific gift cards! (If you haven’t noticed, we like doing things a little differently.)

Click here and you can purchase your own Daddy Long Legs gift card, which you can still get before Christmas!

If you loved the show online, just imagine how much you’re going to love it live. Because let me tell you, hearing Megan McGinnis sing “Secret of Happiness” just a few feet away from you, as her real-life husband, Adam Halpin looks on . . . well, it’s just the type of magic that only the live theater can provide.

Not to mention, the more of you who get tickets now, the more proof we have for all the naysayers who think streaming isn’t a ticket buying motivator. If we can show them the opposite, there’s no doubt that more shows will stream in the future – and don’t we all want that?

So get your tickets for only $39.50 here.

Or get a gift card here!

And thank you for your support of the live theater . . . and livestreaming!


Ken Davenport
Producer of Daddy Long Legs

P.S. $39.50 is even less than the tickets at the TKTS booth in Times Square! So, we can’t offer this forever. This offer is good for all performances, but you MUST buy by January 4th, so buy today!