ALERT: Waitlist for Coaching Program now OPEN.

The following is an email sent to a select group of consult clients re: my coaching program:
First, let me tell you that not everyone is getting this email.  I’m only sending it to a select group of consult clients who I think have the project, the talent and the drive to succeed in this very difficult industry.
If you’re getting this email then I saw something in our consult . . . something that I don’t see in everybody.  And something that I think could benefit from what I’m about to describe.
Last year, I announced a brand new training program, designed for a very limited number of artists who were committed to get their show way off the ground and achieving the success they have been imagining.  (Click here to read that original email.)
I only took on five clients to this exclusive year-long program.  It was a test for them, and a test for me.
I’m thrilled to report that the test was a success.
Just look at what a few of my coaching clients had to say about their experience:
“When I began Ken’s coaching sessions I was lost and felt like a failure.  The musical I’d invested so much time in had hit roadblocks of all kinds.    Ken encouraged me, gave me really savvy ideas on what to do next, and even how to do it.  A few months later I have a new play, nearly ready for a stage that Ken thinks is in “fantastic” shape.  The future looks rosy for all my projects.   It’s an opportunity of a lifetime to be coached by Ken Davenport.  Truly.” – Jarlath Jacobs, Lunch at Audrey’s
Obviously, I’ve been so flattered by this incredible feedback.
But more than that, I’ve been so excited by my clients’ success, that I want to get more people on the path that I know they want to be on.
Although most of my current coaching clients will be continuing on with a 2nd year, I am considering adding a few more clients to my roster in 2016, and reducing the number of one-off consults I do.
I’m not sure how many additional spots I’ll have available (if any, because I’m still going to limit the total number to make sure I can give enough time to everyone), but I wanted to give you the first opportunity to get one of the slots.
If you’re interested in getting your show on an expedited track to success, then click here and to put yourself on wait list.  There is no obligation.  You just have to fill out a quick application.  If you are accepted into the program, you will be notified during the first week of January (right in time for those New Year’s Resolutions) and all the details will be explained to you.
(Oh, and here’s a sneak peek at the future . . . I’m going to be creating a Mastermind Group later this year (based on the classic Napoleon Hill strategy), and only coaching clients are going to be invited to join.)
So sign up for the wait list today.  I guarantee that if you follow the path that my previous clients have followed, then twelve months from now, you’ll be saying stuff like this too:
“Aside from the unparalleled opportunity of working one-on-one with a producer who continues to make an indelible mark on the industry, one of the greatest benefits of being a husband and wife creative team in the coaching program is Ken’s clear direction in developing a creative project. Prior to being in the program, we spent years having limited success, while constantly running into obstacles that stopped our momentum. Now almost a year into our coaching, we can honestly say that there has not been one disheartening moment of, “Well, NOW what?” To be clear, there is no  “magic bullet.” But being guided by someone who has “walked the walk,” who gives you monthly assignments that are very doable, and constant encouragement …well, that’s all the magic you really need.” – Charles Yurick and Nancy Paris
I look forward to working with you on all the goals you have . . . and the ones you don’t even know you have yet.  🙂
P.S.  This wait list is only open until December 22nd.  Sign up today to make sure you get on the spot. Provided your application is accepted, the wait list will be a first come first served list.  Click here.
P.P.S.  Want to see why I created this program and what it has to do with me keeping in shape?  Click here to read my original coaching email, “Why I hired a trainer.”