Broadway Producer Pick List: Marjorie Gold


In control and in the know New York woman Marjorie Gold always has a plan. With her husband and best friend in tow, Marjorie has always orchestrated each phase of her life with precision and perfection. After moving into the apartment of her dreams and decorating it within an inch of it’s life, Marjorie moves on to the next step in her great plan: Motherhood. But what was supposed to be the most joyous adventure yet for this ultra-capable go-getter becomes a disorientating psychological journey into the frightening and out of control world of post partum depression.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. Not to Marjorie. She’s always been on top of her game, taking charge of each day by relying on her carefully constructed triangle of supporters: her co-dependent best friend Stevenson and her blissfully unaware husband Jack. The three have always filled in each other’s gaps perfectly with Marjorie taking on the role of pack leader. As best friend Stevenson says, “I love Jack. He and I combined make one entire husband.”

Marjorie’s search for some sense of stability sends her bouncing from the hilarity of the online urban mommy scene to the heart breaking reality of a woman crumbling before us. Everyone around Marjorie will have to shift positions to make room for new life and allow both mother and child the space they need to find footing in an ever-tripping new reality. Witty, funny and often sad, Marjorie Gold explores what happens when an age-old but often ignored syndrome conquers the very model of a modern mom. photos_12


Erin Leigh Peck is a New York based actor, writer and mother. She has performed on and off Broadway, in regional theatre and on tour, in films and on television. Erin can often be seen on television in various commercials. She was the editor of the popular BroadwayWorld Jr. column on and has contributed to numerous theatrical and parenting blogs. Erin’s first play, Marjorie Gold, is a contemporary “dramedy” about pregnancy, parenthood and postpartum. The play is loosely based on her own experiences. Today she is the proud and busy mother of two extremely awesome kids. For more information, check out her website, here!


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