Broadway Producer Pick List: Modern Prophet


Against the backdrop of the oil fracking boom, an energy scavenger and his sister arrive at the river headwaters just east of Jordan. They soon learn they are not alone. A strange man roams the woods at night. He claims he carries the power of God. Modern Prophet, by Sam Graber, explores the nature of belief and steps into the environmental crossroads where God’s will ends and human divinity begins.


Sam Graber’s plays have been staged in some shape or form by the Abingdon Theatre (NYC), Mission Theatre (MN), Seven Stories Theatre (NC), Box Wine Theatre (MN), Abstract Sentiment Theatre Co (NYC), Blank Theatre (CA), Seven Collective (NYC), Warner Theatre (CT), Upstage Theatre (TX), Pulp Stage (OR), Mildred’s Umbrella (TX), City Theatre of Independence (MO), Driftwood Players (WA), Venture Theatre (MT), Love Creek Productions (NYC), Collaboraction (IL), HartBeat Ensemble (CT), Renegade Theater (MN), Little Lifeboats (MN), AlphaNYC Theater (NYC), New York Theater Festival (NYC), Equity Library Theatre of NYC (NYC), and Between Us Productions (NYC).

He is currently playwright in residence for Mission Theatre Company. He teaches classes at The Playwrights’ Center. His work has been published by Smith & Kraus, Original Works Publishing and Dramatic Publishing. For more information, check out his website, here!


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