Broadway Producer Pick List: Strange Bedfellows


Strange Bedfellows, by Jason Boies, follows Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Edward Rutledge on their way to a peace conference with the British on Staten Island in September of 1776. They stay at a small tavern overloaded with soldiers who are on their way to join General Washington.

Accommodations are so tight that Adams and Franklin must share a tiny bed. Franklin’s proclivities toward nude air-bathing and in-depth discussion of personal hygiene and bodily functions make for entertaining history not found in school books. Anxieties are heightened as they discuss the disturbing direction the war is taking, the possibilities of their meeting the next day and the uncertain future of a nation not yet fully born — a nation, unlike any other, founded on an idea.

The men are portrayed, not as demi-gods or dry characters from a text book, but rather plain men, whose foibles, maladies and prejudices in the face of everyday situations make for humorous yet sometimes uncomfortable situations.



Jason is the founder and Artistic Director of The Royal Nonesuch Theatre Company, an educational travelling troupe originally based on Staten Island, New York, and currently on hiatus while looking for a new permanent home. Their original plays were designed to entertain family audiences and students while trying to stimulate an interest in literature, history and the arts. They have traveled throughout the tri-state area (NY, NJ & CT) playing in a variety of venues including schools and cultural centers. Their plays have included parodies, such as Green Eggs & Hamlet and The History of America Before Lunch, as well as more serious-minded fare in America: Words That Inspired a Nation and The Civil War.

He has written a number of plays (one acts and full length) as well as screenplays. He has had six screenplays optioned and has placed (runner-up, finalist, semi-finalist) in ten national writing competitions. For more information, check out his website, here!


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