Broadway Producer Pick List: The Almost End of the End Forever


The Almost End of the End Forever, by Bob Bowersox, is a sometimes hilarious, sometimes biting fantasy that centers on the two iconic figures of Life and Death and their relationship, which in many respects resembles a long-married couple. Life is a lusty, vibrant woman whose unceasing creation of life in all its forms borders on an addiction. Death is a curmudgeon of a man who has grown weary of his role in the scheme of things, and decides he’s not going to do it anymore. He informs Life that he is quitting in no uncertain terms, and she might do well to scale back her own activities a bit because he won’t be around to clean up after her anymore. Furthermore, Death has decided that he’s going to give the other side of the coin a shot and try his hand at creating a few things — with disastrous results. The resulting problems of a world without Death mount exponentially until Elvin Wisterly, an old man now reaching just shy of 180 years old because of Death’s intransigence, helps both Life and Death realize their respective value to the bigger picture. matter-2010-brick-wall-8-x-10-v-2



Bob  Bowersox, an award-winning playwright and screenwriter, has been writing virtually all his life, with his focus turning to plays and screenplays for the past 20 years. Several of his screenplays have been recognized in competitions such as the Nicholl Fellowships, the Austin Film Festival, Project Greenlight 1 & 2, Final Draft’s Big Break, and more. One has been optioned for production.Three of his plays have received their world premieres (with rave reviews for each) at the prestigious Red Barn Theatre, a professional house in Key West, FL. His newest play, again commissioned by the Red Barn, is set to premiere there in November. Bob lives and writes in Key West and Philadelphia, PA. For more information, check out his website, here!


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