Broadway Producer Pick List: Allan Carr: Can’t Stop The Stories


Allan Carr: Can’t Stop The Stories! Who was Allan Carr? He was one of the most iconic and flamboyant producers show business has ever seen. The day after Allan produced the Academy Awards, he was blacklisted in Hollywood for the rest of his career! Even after he produced the smash hit motion picture Grease, Broadway’s original production of the Tony Award-winning La Cage Aux Folles, and promoted Saturday Night Fever and The Who’s Tommy. There will NEVER be another Allan Carr.



MICHAEL SHAYNE: In addition to “Allan Carr: Can’t Stop The Stories!” Michael has written the librettos to “Lysistrata: A Musical Fable About Love and War” and “Survivors: A Kurt Weill Songspeil”. His other plays include: “Honeymoon Sweet”, “Heroes: Fighting in the AIDS Trenches” (Two One-Act Plays: “Ruth: The Cemetery Angel” and “Vito: Standing On My Shoulders”), “The Absolutely True Adventures of a Hollywood Assistant” and “This Way to the Egress”. His short plays include “Peter Pan Is Dead”, “I, William Shakespeare”, “Mr. G”, “Becoming Tab Hunter”, “The Job Offer”, and “The Mirror In The Attic”.



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