Broadway Producer Pick List: Between Panic and Desire


Mark’s PTSD has been triggered after his disability benefits are cut. His sister Caridad picks up their younger sister Esperanza, who has been hospitalized after a psychotic episode. Mark is confronted with his perceptions of reality when Dr. Greene tells him he was the one hospitalized and he has no sisters. Except, Mark does have two sisters.


Bear Kosik started his fourth career as a writer in June 2014. His plays have been produced in Manhattan, Upstate NY, Texas, and Toronto. He has (co)authored four novels and a book on democracy that explains how he predicted Donald Trump’s victory over a year before the election. His fiction, poetry, photo art, and essays have been published by Third Flatiron Press, River & South Review, Calliope, Windmill, Weasel Press,, and others.


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