Broadway Producer Pick List: The Bloody Deed of 1857


Someone murdered Dr. Harvey Burdell on January 30th, 1857 in his home. The case remains unsolved, leaving restless ghosts behind. Minnie Seymour and Charlotte Worthington invite you to a séance to reveal the truth. This immersive play into the past brings real historic documents and actual witness testimony to life. It’s a language piece that highlights the mistreatment of women that is still relevant today, and it requires a cast of seven, 3 leads (2M, 1F) plus 4 additional actors (2F/2M) who play multiple characters.



At the age of 39 Elise left a dream job to become the oldest BFA musical theater student at the Boston Conservatory. After graduating Magna Cum Laude, she moved to New York City and began writing in addition to performing. A SAG-AFTRA/EQUITY actress, she has performed in regional, Off-Off Broadway, and has a passion for Shakespeare. After launching her tour business, Ghosts, Murders and Mayhem Walking Tours, Arcadia Publishing solicited her to write Ghosts and Murders of Manhattan for their Images in America Series. Her first play, The Bloody Deed of 1857 fits perfectly with her brand of ghosts and murders. She’s passionate about the Burdell/Cunningham story because she feels history has much to teach us about ourselves. While Harvey must move from denial to the truth of what happened to him, we might ask ourselves what have we not acknowledged in ourselves? What bloody deeds are hidden in our past?



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