Broadway Producer Pick List: Emergency


Justin Marks, M.D. has one night to save his career. Justin is a new intern whose life’s dream is to become an ER doctor and save lives. Despite excelling in the classroom, Justin struggled in his medical school rotations due to his inability to relate to his patients, and was consequently left off every hospital’s want list. Now, Justin has one night to fight for his career, as he is forced to compete with his med school nemesis Kyle for the one Emergency Medicine residency spot left in the country. Emergency is a modern-day medical musical that follows Dr. Marks through this 12-hour shift and allows the audience to experience the laughs, love, happiness, and tears that a night in the ER can bring.



Jacob Foy is a 20 year-old junior at Indiana University. He is a self- taught musician who composed all the music of Emergency. Additionally, he is credited with co-writing the book and lyrics with his father, Jeff. Jacob is pursuing a degree in Theatre, with hopes of moving to New York City after graduation to embark on a career making great shows.

Jeff Foy is a physician practicing Emergency Medicine in Indianapolis, IN. A graduate of Indiana University and Indiana University School of Medicine, Jeff has been in practice since 2003. Jeff has always been a theatre fan, and it was his experience in the ER, combined with his love of the arts, that led to his idea of writing Emergency, of which he is credited with co-writing the book and lyrics. He is the proud father of 4, and has thoroughly enjoyed pursuing this project with his oldest child.



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