Broadway Producer Pick List: Girl From Treblinka


Frida Blume, a German Jew who was slaughtered at the Treblinka concentration camp and Karl Blix, a Nazi soldier responsible for the extermination of hundreds of Jews and killed in the line of duty, find themselves forced to share the same liminal space after their deaths. Frida is adamant that Blix and his lot deserve the full judgment and wrath of God that should be brought down upon them. Blix is equally adamant that he was justified in his actions, despite harboring an unthinkable secret: he married a half-Jewish woman and used his position within the Reich to cover up the truth. The two polar opposites provoke and inspire one another to share the stories of their lives and deaths, with Frida eventually finding spiritual release and Blix facing a kind of spiritual execution at the hands of a spectral girl whose trust Blix betrayed. Centered around historical events and themes, Girl from Treblinka is not repetitive and lacking in originality. It seeks new perspectives and means of engaging the emotions, experiences, and lessons intrinsic to these events. The characters, conscious of eyes watching them, approach, appeal to and even seem to physically interact with the audience in a manner that lays bare the act of storytelling and remembrance. Girl from Treblinka deals intimately with two sides of the coin. Blix and Frida exist in and of themselves with their own specific memories, choices, and obstacles, but also stand in for the broad stroke realities of both sides of the conflict.


Born and educated in Winnipeg, Canada and a graduate from the University of Manitoba’s faculty of Fine Arts, LEONARD STONE now resides in Centennial, Colorado where he retired after a four-decade-long career managing symphony orchestras in Canada and United States. He has taught Fine Arts at the high-school level, hosted TV talk shows, reported for the Winnipeg Free Press, founded and managed The Winnipeg International Film Festival, managed the first Canadian tour of the Metropolitan Opera, operated a folk- singing night club, consulted and mentored hundreds of entrants into the field of arts management, and received numerous national and international awards including the American Symphony Orchestra League’s singular recognition for his forty plus years of continuous service to the symphonic orchestra world. His first novel, Red Devil Rising, a WW II veterans memoir of the battle for Arnhem was published in 2007. He was made an “on the spot” honorary member of British Parachute Regiment while gathering research for the novel. Stone’s latest pursuits are writing plays and screenplays. Girl from Treblinka is his second stage play. In addition to writing, Stone is an avid painter and happily engaged with the lives and adventures of his four children and nine grandchildren.


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