Broadway Producer Pick List: The Sycamore Street Kite Flying Club


The neighbors on Sycamore Street gather for the annual kite flying party, hosted by Chuckles, the beloved patriarch. The party is filled with belly laughs, bad puns, and wonderful memories until Chuckles “surprises” his guests with a heartbreaking announcement. Chuckles will pass the leadership of the Kite Flying Club to the next generation. He also makes a shattering admission: he has cancer and has chosen to end things “his way.” Kate pleads with him to reconsider. Crossfade to the past, when Younger Kate and Younger Chuckles flirt, but then retreat, building years of “what-ifs” between them. In the present, each loved one contemplates life without Chuckles as they arrive to celebrate Night Flight. Chuckles poses them, each holding an illuminated kite. One by one, the twinkling kites seem to rise, as Chuckles utters a heartfelt “Whoooosh!”

Chuckles returns to the retirement home where he, begrudgingly has become a resident. With the other residents, he ruminates about the “golden years”. Meanwhile, Kate tells Jeremy that the club is Chuckles’ way of honoring his son, whom he lost in the war. Stan tells Chuckles that a doctor friend has provided the fatal cocktail, but that no one on the street will bless his decision. Ted suggests alternate plans, but Chuckles doesn’t want Kate to see him weak. He calls Madison, who agrees to help him build a kite-like hang-glider. On a challenge from Ted, he struggles to lift the contraption, falls, and cries out as it breaks into pieces. Kate runs to Chuckles. Jeremy refuses to let Chuckles give up. Shirley urges Ted to help his father. As Chuckles and Ted return to Chuckles’ house, Jeremy recites the Kite Flyer’s Prayer. He takes his kite, moves downstage and launches it. Chuckles looks skyward, as Jeremy utters a heartfelt ‘Whoooosh!”


JULIANA JONES (Book & Lyrics) has been an educator in Stratham, New Hampshire for 22 years. She has been the co-director of her school’s drama program for the last 15 years, directing the annual school musical, which historically features up to one hundred students. In 2014, she wrote the libretto for an original musical, Adolessons, which premiered at the Cooperative Middle School and has had several regional productions. Juliana’s next projects include Snow Globe, an original holiday musical, and a musical adaptation of the historical fiction novel Triangle by Katharine Weber.

ROY M. ROGOSIN (Composer) has had an extraordinarily diverse career as a composer, conductor, director, and music executive. He started out as a conducting fellow at the Aspen Music Festival in Colorado. From there, he conducted such esteemed orchestras as Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw, the London Symphony Orchestra, and the Los Angeles, Cincinnati, and Denver Symphonies, among others. He subsequently became Head of Television Music at Universal Studios. From there, he became a personal conductor for both singer Johnny Mathis, and Academy Award-winning French composer, Michel Legrand. Roy founded the Seacoast Repertory Theatre and The Portsmouth Academy of Performing Arts, both of which he led for nearly twenty years. He was also Producing Artistic Director of the legendary Ogunquit Playhouse, in Maine. He has produced more than 200 musicals throughout this country and abroad, and served as guest director and conductor for many of them.


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