Broadway Producer Pick List: When The Silence Sings


Growing up in an abusive home in rural Oklahoma, a young woman searches for love, faith and her own voice. Her journey spans forty years, four countries and four husbands. She loses everything, her voice, even her children. She loses everything; her voice, her marriage, even her children. Yet, in her strength, her love for music makes the silence sing. 



Rene Zabel is a playwright, lyricist and composer. Many of her lyrics and compositions have been used in regional plays, musicals and choreographed for regional dance companies. She as the composer and lead singer for the Celtic band Rhianon, wrote many of the songs the band performed in numerous pubs, festivals and Renaissance fairies. Rene’s music (as Rhianon) is featured on the Sisterhood of Avalon Trance Posture DVD. 



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