FAQ: 10 Questions about Consulting with Ken

If you’ve never met with a consultant or a coach before, then you might have a question or two, which is why I put together this list of the most common questions I get asked before someone schedules an appointment with me.

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1.  What should I expect in my consulting session?

Your one hour session with me will include a thorough discussion of where you are with your project, careeer, etc. as well as exactly where you wish to go with it.  I will give you thoughts, ideas and recommendations on how to overcome any obstacle you are facing.  I’ve deal with everything from staffing recommendations to strategies for obtaining rights to raising money to attracting producers to your show to . . . well, a whole bunch of things I can’t talk about here.  In addition, no later than 24 hours after your session, I will personally email you with a recap of your session and THREE ACTION ITEMS I recommends you work on over the next 30 days to keep you moving towards your goal.  This process makes your progress and success inevitable.

2.  Can I bring my collaborator?

You are welcome to bring any collaborator, producer, etc. who is working directly on the project with you.  I will ask for verification of that connection, as I’m sure you can understand.  But if they are working with you . . . then bring ’em!  The theater is a collaborative art form, and I totally understand that you may have folks working with you that can benefit from our conversation.

3.  Do I need to be working on a project before I meet with Ken?

Not at all.  You can come with a completed script or just an idea or just with the question of how to find an idea.  I’ve also done a lot of career consulting for those looking to get into the theater profession, as well as consults for small business owners who aren’t even in the theater.  Remember, in addition to producing Broadway shows, I’ve also developed a board game, an app, launched a group sales agency, etc.  Whatever you’re facing, I can help.

4.  I need help ASAP!  How quickly can I get in?  And does he meet with everyone?

As you can imagine, my schedule can get a bit crazy.  I only have a limited number of consult appointments available each week, so if you are interested in meeting with me, then book quickly.  And no, I don’t meet with everyone.  When you inquire about a session, my assistant will ask you a few questions as to why you’re coming in and then determine if you are a qualified candidate for consulting.

5.  Should I prepare anything before I meet with Ken?

Think about whatever is preventing you from moving forward . . . no matter what it is.  Bring that.  And then just prepare to be open to new ideas . . . ideas you may have not thought of before . . . that will help you take steps forward.

6.  Will Ken read my script before my consult?

It takes me longer than most people to read a script, because I analyze them very closely when I read them.  So, as I’m sure you can understand, I can’t read scripts or listen to music before I meet with someone for a general consult.  However, if you’d like me to read your script before our session, you can purchase my script coverage.  I’ll read it and give you my notes and action items on how to improve it during our session.  Click here to set that up.

7.  I don’t live in NYC and I can’t get there anytime soon.  Does Ken meet over the phone?

50% of my clients are from outside the tri-state area.  And about 15% are from outside the US!  I am happy to schedule sessions on the phone or Skype if you can’t get to New York City.  Of course, if you can get here, our session will take place in my office, located at 1501 Broadway, Suite 1304, located on Broadway between 44th and 43rd.

8.  What if I’m nervous about sharing the idea I’m working on?

When you talk to me . . . you can think of my like your attorney, your priest/rabbi . . . or your Mom.  I won’t be sharing any secrets.  Everything is 101% confidential.

9.  Will Ken come to see my show if I schedule a consult with him?

I have traveled all over the city and all over the world to see shows on behalf of clients.  So yes, I can combine consulting with seeing your show, but this requires special arrangements.  Click here for more information on how to arrange me to see your show as a part of our session.

10.  What are the costs for a consulting session? 

The big question!  Honestly, I don’t publish my consulting rates . . . for a whole bunch of reasons.  But let put it this way . . . if you wanted expert legal advice you’d pay close to $600 hour.  Expert accounting advice, around $500 an hour.  Heck, if you wanted to take a golf lesson with one of the Top Teachers, you could pay up to $750/hour.  I charge less than all of them.   And if you’re looking for a way to save even more money, ask about my coaching plan.

11.  Why should I schedule a consult?

Because you want more.  More out your project.  More out of yourself.  And for whatever reason, you’re stuck.  I can fix that.  Guaranteed.  My mission is to get more theater out in the world and if I can help you do that, then it’s a win-win for both of us.  If I didn’t have rent, or food didn’t cost money, I consult for nothing.  Since I can’t do that, I do offer a guarantee.  If after our session you don’t think I’ve helped you move your project or move yourself further down the field . . . then I’ll refund your consulting fee.

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“I think about my consultation with Mr. Davenport practically every day. He was so encouraging and easy to talk to, and he motivated me so much.” – Shannen Rae

“When I began Ken’s sessions I was lost and felt like a failure. The musical I’d invested so much time in had hit roadblocks of all kinds. Ken encouraged me, gave me really savvy ideas on what to do next, and even how to do it. A few months later I have a new play, nearly ready for a stage that Ken thinks is in “fantastic” shape. The future looks rosy for all my projects. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime. Truly.” – Jarlath Jacobs

“I have to confess that I came very close to canceling the meeting. The most cynical part of me was equating you with those guys who promise to teach you how to make a fortune in the stock market if you only buy their book or take their course or something. But it was worth it to meet the guy who’d written so many smart things in the blog I’d been reading for the past two years. I fully expected to come away feeling that only my curiosity had been satisfied. I was dead wrong. Not only was Ken a true gentleman and genuinely interested in helping me, he turned me on to a chunk of wisdom that is turning me around.
I owe him one. I owe him two!” – Jeff Jackson

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