“How to Sell Tickets with Social Media.”


  • 1

    What Is Social Media?

  • 2

    The History Of Social Media (And The Future)

  • 3

    Who Is On Social Media?

  • 4

    My Strategy For Growing A Following On Social Media

  • 5

    Turning Your Following Into Ticket Buyers

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Social media . . . Facebook, Twitter, Instagram . . . is an amazing tool for talking directly to your audience.  But it can be tricky to harness its power to actually sell tickets to your show.

So I'm going to teach you how to use social media to increase your sales with my new course.

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Just look at what participants had to say . . .

Ken has the uncanny ability to unpack and teach the complexities of producing in a manner that anyone can understand.

Kevin Davis, Kevin Davis Productions

A world of information presented simply and in a digestible manner.  It was really worthwhile and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone.

Bob Degus, Director/Writer/Producer

My Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Producing and investing in theater may be high risk.  But getting this product isn’t.

If How to Sell Tickets with Social Media doesn't get you on the right track, I’ll give you your money back.  That simple.  No questions.  No hard feelings.  And no risk.

Why do I offer such a guarantee?  One of my mission statements is to create more producers.  And I don’t want anything getting in your way of taking the first step.  So get it today and start learning tomorrow.

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You'd expect a course like this to be hundreds of dollars, right?

Nope. Cause I want an army of you guys out there, getting your shows up on a stage.  That's why, for a limited time, it's only $149.

So get How to Sell Tickets with Social Media today, and start producing tomorrow.

Order now - here's what you get:

  • Lecture on How to Sell Tickets with Social Media by Ken Davenport
  • A complete transcript of the entire audio course.
  • Ken's personal email address and an invitation to ask him any question you want.
  • A 100% money back guarantee.
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