How to Market Yourself as an Actor Teleseminar

At a recent audition for a show of mine, one role came down between two people.  How did I decide?

I googled them both.  One person came up quickly.  She had a twitter following.  She had interesting videos of herself that showed her versatility.  She had a blog.  A website.

The other person did not.

Guess who got the job?

You may not need all that, but in today’s world, what you definitely need is a marketing plan.

In this brand new teleseminar just for actors, I will teach you what tools you need to give you a leg up on the competition, and how you can do it for very little investment.  You’ll learn . . .

    • The one thing every actor MUST have to market themselves properly.
    • Why too much social media may not be helping you.
    • How to separate your private life from your professional life.
    • The secret to selling yourself to an agent.
    • And so much more.

Sure you’re studying voice.  You’re studying acting.   But if you’re not studying how to sell yourself, then you’re limiting your chance at success.

This teleseminar is guaranteed to help get you where you want to be.


January 20, 2015 7-8pm ET