Ken’s pursuits are not only seen on a stage. He can’t help but come up with ideas for other businesses, so he starts them.

Since the day Ken opened a candy shop in his father’s cardiologist office (yep, he sold chocolate bars to heart patients), Ken has been starting businesses.

In addition to his traditional theatrical pursuits, Ken has also created a number of subsidiary businesses that support the Broadway ecosystem.

  • When Ken couldn’t find a group sales agency that would take a strong enough interest in selling his shows, he started his own. Visit Your Broadway Genius Groups.
  • When Ken wanted to be the first to find out what the New York Times review was for a brand new show, he created the website and app, Did He Like It?.
  • When Ken’s theater friends wanted to play Apples to Apples on a Friday night because there was no Broadway board game, he created Amazon’s #1 best selling Broadway Gift, Be A Broadway Star.

And there have been many more.

The goal of each and every one of these businesses has been not just to generate revenue, but to amplify the conversation about Broadway.

Interested in hiring Ken to speak at your event about entrepreneurship? Email Ken@theproducersperspective.com.

“Ken Davenport is bringing cutting edge digital marketing techniques to the beloved, “old-school” Broadway industry. His creative, “hybrid” approach to marketing and content creation makes him a maverick within his field, and gives him and his pursuits an advantage as the world becomes more and more wired. In other words, I’d bet on him.”

– Ryan Deiss, DigitalMarketer.com