Our goal is to help get 5,000 shows produced by the year 2025.


I started this site over 10 years ago to help demystify the producing process, and shine a spotlight on the business of Broadway . . . challenging some norms, accepting others, and attempting to amplify the conversation about the theater.

Because if more people talk about it, more people will want to see it. And the more people that want to see it, the more people that will want to make it.

And I believe that if there is more theater in the world, the world will be a better place.

That’s why we established a new mission statement for TheProducersPerspective.

Our goal is to help get 5,000 shows produced by the year 2025.

That’s right. 5,000. And hopefully one of them is yours.

How are we going to do that?

We’re going to double down on our efforts to provide you with all the information, resources, as well as the specific steps you need to help get your shows onto the page and then onto a stage.

Here are just a few initiatives we’ve already started to help you do just that:

And more resources are being added every day.

I’m a lucky guy. I get to wake up every morning and do exactly what I’ve already dreamed about doing.

And I remember what it was like to want to do what I do, but not know where to start.

Well, now, you can start here.

It’s not easy. It can take awhile.

But we’re here to help.