Our goal is to help get 5,000 shows produced by the year 2025.


I started this site over 10 years ago to help demystify the producing process, and shine a spotlight on the business of Broadway . . . challenging some norms, accepting others, and attempting to amplify the conversation about the theater.

Because if more people talk about it, more people will want to see it. And the more people that want to see it, the more people that will want to make it.

And I believe that if there is more theater in the world, the world will be a better place.

That’s why we established a new mission statement for The Producers Perspective.

Our goal is to help get 5,000 shows produced by the year 2025.

That’s right. 5,000. And hopefully one of them is yours.

How are we going to do that?

We’re going to double down on our efforts to provide you with all the information, resources, as well as the specific steps you need to help get your shows onto the page and then onto a stage.

Here are just a few initiatives we’ve already started to help you do just that:

  • The TheaterMakers Studio – The only community of its kind dedicated to helping theater makers get their shows off the ground faster than they could on their own.
  • The Producer’s Perspective Super Conference – An annual weekend where Broadway’s heavy hitters and the industry’s rising stars unite for learning, doing, and meeting.
  • Writer’s Groups – Connect with smart, diligent, theatre professionals who will help move your project forward, whether you attend in NYC or virtually.
  • The Inner Circle – An intimate Mastermind program facilitated by Ken Davenport that meets quarterly in New York City with A-list Broadway insiders to discuss their projects and get expert advice on how to get their shows to the next level.

And more resources are being added every day.

I’m a lucky guy. I get to wake up every morning and do exactly what I’ve already dreamed about doing.

And I remember what it was like to want to do what I do, but not know where to start.

Well, now, you can start here.

It’s not easy. It can take a while. But if you keep asking your questions it’s amazing what can happen. You can get to your yes.

But we’re here to help.


Do you have a success story you’d like to share with us? We’d love to hear how The Producer’s Perspective or The TheaterMakers Studio has helped you and your project! We may even add you to our success story list below!

Success Stories

A huge congrats to one of our own . . . Jeff Wise and the Wheelhouse Theater Company!

Jeff has been a consult client of mine for many years and I remember when he first came to me. He wanted to get his theater company off the ground but didn’t know how. He’d been an actor for many years and wanted to create a vehicle for his work, and others, that actually paid (yes, actors get paid!) for their talents.

Since our initial conversations back in 2016, Jeff and his company have produced several shows, the latest of which, Happy Birthday Wanda June, was recently named a New York Times Critic’s Pick and has extended it’s run!

And, it’s not by accident.

One of the first things I spoke with Jeff about was how to market his shows, which is absolutely a learnable skill. You just need the right tools.

“Ken’s advice along the way was invaluable in trying to put a good face on a new company. I see first hand the dividends that sound marketing and advertising strategies pay.” – Jeff Wise

Cultivating an audience is important and dynamic work that can lead to huge rewards and ultimately make or break your show. Just imagine if The New York Times came to review Jeff’s show and it was an empty house . . . empty seats impact reviewers whether consciously or not.

Jeff’s success is just one example of how proper training, hard work, dedication and a dream can help you achieve your goals. We want to help get 5,000 shows produced by the year 2025 and we’re one show closer to that goal!


A big standing ovation to our fellow Inner Circle Members, Charles Yurick and Nancy Paris, on their super successful reading of their new musical Radio 930.

I remember when Charles and Nancy came to me with just this idea of a musical “about how rock and roll brought down the Berlin wall,” and I’m thrilled to see it reach this exciting stage. (And just look at the cool photos of their presentation! Now that’s how you do it!)

And from what I hear, the show is on track for its next step (and I look forward to helping them get there).

You can read more about their show by checking out their website here.

Big congrats on Charles and Nancy!!! (Wish ’em well in our Facebook group here.)

Huge congrats to TMS member Kit Yan on his 29 hour reading of INTERSTATE and a sold-out run at NYMF where he won 5 awards including Outstanding Lyrics! Now he’s been accepted into the Dramatist Guild Fellowship for 2018/2019 and just signed with ICM! Now he’s at 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle working on his new musical MISS STEP. Way to go!

Congrats to long-time TMS member, Elizabeth Searle on many recent successes with her show Tonya & Nancy: The Rock Opera. I’ve been working with Elizabeth for years now and consulted with her creatively after her show performed at NYMF, and even flew to Chicago to see a production of it. Now Elizabeth has a CD out with Broadway Records, has a successful concert event at 54Below starring Ashley Spencer and Tony nominees Lauren Worsham and Nancy Opel, and is in talks with some big time producers about next steps . . . more success to come from Elizabeth for sure!

A huge congrats to one of our own . . . Dewey Moss and his projects Connor Stephens and Tennessee Whiskey the Musical!

Dewey has been a long time coaching and consulting client of mine and I am so honored to be a part of his journey to success. His determination inspires me to dedicate more of my time and energy helping people get their shows off the ground.

His show Connor Stephens went from the Midtown International Theater Festival to an Off Broadway run at the Jerry Orbach last summer where he successfully live-streamed the production. And now the play has been optioned to be turned into an indie film, which he’ll serve as Executive Producer on!

On many occasions, I encouraged Dewey to write a musical, but he never felt like writing music was his strength. So, he decided to write a jukebox musical on a well-known country-music-hall-of-famer songwriter and now the show is causing quite a bit of stir in the country music industry! 

And of course, all of this is attracting great talent.  It’s not every day that a new project gets a call from a top agent at William Morris asking about the show – but that’s an example of the kind of response Dewey’s been getting.

“And all of this — my whole budding lead-producing career came from a phone call to Ken, asking him for coaching. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have gotten this far without Ken’s honest advice and coaching. I’m a big fan. :)” – Dewey Moss

Dewey’s success is the perfect example of persistence, drive and a willingness to be open to new opportunities, even if you think they’re out of reach. Because you never know where one phone call can take you. I even hired Dewey as a facilitator for one of our Mastermind groups!

I truly couldn’t be happier for Dewey and hope his journey can inspire others to pick up a pen and put on a show of their own.

And congrats to long-time TMS member, Elizabeth Appell on making huge progress on her show. She took my advice to have readings and has broken it out into sections. She’s hired a director/dramaturg and six actors who meet once every other week at a small theatre in San Francisco to read the play, work in chunks and get the show on its feet. She’s been using the feedback from these sessions to then go home and rewrite and her work is really coming along nicely!

Long-time TMS member Chana Wise has a staged reading of her new show Bagels coming up in early 2019 all because she’s been making time to come to New York City once a month. She’s been taking advantage of networking opportunities, and also was named a finalist in the TRU Voices Reading Series! And, as if that wasn’t enough, her newest show Eat Me (working title) will be at the Hollywood Fringe this summer!

The TheaterMakers Studio inspired me to set goals for 2019 and commit to them. I already have a reading of one of my new plays, Tough 2 Love, at Theatre West, Los Angeles, on January 22nd. Also inspired me to lift my other play, The Grass Couch, to a whole new level with a fresh take on several scenes. – Anna Simone Scott

Ken’s program has helped me understand the do’s and don’ts of this world, and helped my team create a solid strategy for getting this show to its next steps. Ken was able to help me understand the basics of Theatre Law, because he taught it in such a way that even a beginner like me could understand. Ken’s personal touch is on everything he does, and I really admire that in the way he makes me feel supported in the work I’m doing. I was even able to go to the Super Conference and gain SO MUCH from the experience because of a generous scholarship opportunity offered to me. I never trained in this side of theatre, and never really knew how to gain this kind of information without spending thousands of dollars to go back to school, so this program has really set me on a path for success that I never knew I could accomplish. – Jonathan Hogue

I was just surfing the internet a few years back and ran into The Producers Perspective website. I immediately fell in love with the site and all the good things Ken Davenport was offering for free, and also the excellent info available at an affordable price, as well. This is a very unique and smart approach by Ken and very much appreciated by me and I am sure countless others around the world. – Larry Fecho

TMS and Ken have made me see that enhancements MUST be carefully planned and structured. Our creative team has board involvement with two small Non-profits, that have at least opened the door for beginning development, without actually entering into an enhancement deal as of yet. We are not certain that an enhancement deal is really necessary for our development, and we are proceeding cautiously. – Michael Murnin

Ken has inspired me to write a play featuring a character based on him. This is perhaps my best play yet, and has all the earmarks of a commercial success: Great plot and characters, small cast, single set and a title that will immediately draw audiences in. [Without him], I would not have written a play about a Broadway producer or be dipping my toes in the Big Apple. – Bruce Calhoun

For Christmas last year, my wonderful husband bought me the most thoughtful gift I have ever received, coaching with Eric through your company. I am not a playwright. I write articles once a week for a small-town newspaper, but that’s as far as my experience goes. Eric helped me to create characters, a plot, and dialogue that slowly came to life. With his encouragement, I have been able to meet with interested producers and writers. I know that my show is still in its very beginning stages, but it has come so far since working with Eric. [Through The TheaterMakers Studio, I have] met with three producers who showed interest and encouragement. I now have contacts for life! – Shelby Sullivan

The Super Conference this year was so eye opening and positive and has set my momentum going. I now am taking daily steps and actions towards my goal of writing and having produced a broadway musical. It’s small steps between my job as actor puppeteer singer in Boston but now I have a clearer vision… in my mind it’s success because I’m not floundering any more. I have a tangible and possible direction much bigger than a small market or small touring shows. A place where people actually appreciate my ideas and skills that have value. – Charlotte Dore, 2018

Ken often talks about having readings. I took this idea but broke it into sections. I’ve hired a director/dramaturg and six actors. Once every other week we meet in a small theatre downtown San Francisco to read the play. We’re working in chunks. The first time was the first fifteen pages. The sessions begin with actors sitting and reading. Then the director gets them up on their feet moving around. So much is discovered with the movement. I take notes and then I go home to rewrite. I’m so grateful to this hardworking group, especially the director. The rewrite is coming along! – Elizabeth Appell

[Without Ken], the music would not have been retrieved and revived and, now, possibly re-set. I never heard of a 29 hour reading before the Conference and I am beginning to have an inkling of how B’way works. I feel confident that we will get this show up and running in NYC next year. – Jill Wright, 2018

The TheaterMakers Studio definitely “lit my fire” to get serious about what I need to do to help the musical I co-wrote get started on its journey! Amazing advice, resources, videos and Ken is truly an inspiration as he’s a successful Broadway producer who is actually “taking it to the people.” No one can guarantee anyone success but this resource is as close as a producer/artist can get to getting great up to the minute advice from top professionals in the field as it can get! Nice job guys! – David Brandt

I joined TMS before my show went to NYMF this [past] summer. I used the tools, tips, and knowledge [on PRO] to write and produce the most successful show in the festival. We had a sold out run and the only extended show in the festival in addition to 5 awards and 7 nominations making it the most awarded show this year! – Kit Yan

[Because of Ken], on 6/27, we produced a table reading of my new play, Joe’s Paradise, as a developmental stage to producing a full workshop production Off-Off Broadway at the Gene Frankel Theatre. Following the reading we raised enough funds to put down a deposit on the Gene Franklin theater for a full week workshop production opening September 21, 2018.
The artistic director of the theater was there along with several potential investors, three stage directors, and several theater influencers. Everyone present including the actors absolutely loved the play and the performances. – Prasad Paul Duffy

“I had been contemplating my project for four years but hadn’t started actually writing it out of fear that I would be wasting my time; also, I haven’t written a play since 1982 so I am unfamiliar with the industry. Taking the 30-Day Script Challenge seemed to be the perfect way to jump into writing without allowing myself time to let my fears get in the way. I think I would not have made the time to write if it hadn’t been for the challenge. Now I am so interested in the project I am spending every possible minute writing/revising. Ken gave me the green light to dive in at the deep end (to mix a metaphor) and also to believe in my project enough to commit to it despite my ignorance of the industry and fear of the whole exercise being a giant waste of time and energy.” – Jennie Litt

And I’d like to take a moment to celebrate Sabrina Goodall and the successful reading of her play Greyson Matters!

Sabrina is the prime example of how hard work and dedication can bring about great things. She utilized all the resources available to her as a member of the TheaterMakers Studio and was able to attract the attention of two Artistic Directors and two Producers, not to mention four actors who have performed on Broadway to be a part of the reading.

The reading was very well received and I’m thrilled for her success. Let Sabrina’s hard work and determination be a lesson to us all that you can achieve success and see your show come to life! It just takes time and a little elbow grease 🙂

“Thank you TheaterMakers Studio for the database and the amazing resource pages which guided me every step of the way to making my reading possible!” – Sabrina Goodall

And, through her outreach and networking, Sabrina has been able to secure an established Director to come on board for the Los Angeles production of Greyson Matters and I couldn’t be more happy for her success!

Sure, we all want overnight success, but it’s important to remember that it takes time. Often shows go through many stages of development, numerous readings, various directors and cast . . . until they finally find a life off or on Broadway.

Sabrina’s story reconfirms my mission to help 5000 shows get produced by 2025 and I can’t wait to see where Greyson Matters goes next!

“The TheaterMakers Studio inspired me to set goals for 2019 and commit to them. I already had a reading of one of my new plays, Tough 2 Love, at Theatre West, Los Angeles on January 22nd. Also inspired me to lift my other play, The Grass Couch, to a whole New level with a fresh take on several scenes.

Before I joined TMS, Tough 2 Love was sitting in folder on my desktop for over a year as I proceeded with other work. However, TMS has made me realize I can juggle more than two projects at the same time and it’s important to keep a project alive after thousands of hours of writing! So now this play is up and out again!

Ken has helped me be more specific with my trajectory for each project. Specifically who my play will appeal to; what is the play really about; the level of production I should be looking for to start with, and also the importance of having a director attached to The Grass Couch.” – Anna Simone Scott

“I joined The TheaterMakers Studio in October as I was about to premiere my new “Stranger Things” parody musical at 54 Below, and after the show in October was a huge hit and several producers approached me with the suggestion to take this off-Broadway, I suddenly realized I had a whole lot to learn before I would be ready for that. The TheaterMakers Studio courses in Theatre Law, Raising Money, and How to Get Producers To See Your Show really helped me in pursuing the right next steps in getting this show in front of the right people. Thanks to the Super Conference, I came out with a whole new understanding of the off-Broadway theatre industry, and made some invaluable connections that helped shape my show’s course towards an off-Broadway run. Calling into Ken’s office hours was also supremely helpful, as the one question I had that I needed an industry professional to answer was perfectly answered by Ken in a very personal and encouraging way.

Now, after having been a TMS member for about three months, so much has happened for our little show. Our social media profile has taken off – almost 1,300 followers on our Instagram account in just three months. We had a website created, which has already gotten us a lot of positive attention (including from Netflix!). We also were invited back to 54 Below (and for a more coveted 9:30pm slot this time!) in January for a second show, and are already close to sold out (our ticket prices keep rising due to demand!). We also were able to sign on a celebrity impressionist for this concert, which is a total dream and has brought more attention to our show. All because of the guidance I got from Producers Perspective, the show is no longer a pipe dream I had in my living room. Now, it’s a living breathing piece of theatre with a great trajectory for success.

The TheaterMakers Studio has given me the confidence to succeed in this industry, and to know that it is possible after seeing so many other members succeed in their own journeys to produce their works.” – Jonathan Hogue

“Our showcase production is booked at The Lion Theatre on Theatre Row this November 14 – December 7th! We just had a really successful 29-hour reading here in Los Angeles at Boston Court where we got incredible feedback from our audience and then a very successful fundraising party for our NYC showcase. It’s been an exciting few months.” -Susan Lambert

“I presented part 2 of “Mary Puppets” titled “Tubs Tubes and Toilets” as part of a puppet theatre festival at the plumbing museum in Watertown MA. Then I presented my first solo cabaret show at Club Cafe in Boston. These may seem like small things but they are helping me learn tools and figure what parts I will need most help from others for. I’m not sure if I would have done these things if it hadn’t been for The TheaterMakers Studio.” – Charlotte Anne Dore

“I have a reading of Headed To Heaven W/ Flat Jimmy Fallon on September 9th produced by Kansas City Public Theatre. I have a reading of Hanky Panky September 30th [as part of the TMS Reading Series]. And I’m currently working on the Midwest Dramatists Conference that starts September 26th as the producing director.”- Vicki Vodrey

A huge congrats to Raven Petretti-Stamper, who wrote a very fun and timely new show called 2020: A Fantasy that debuted at Shetler Studios’ Theatre 54 on Oct 16th! Onward!

TMS Member Lana Jo Borgholthaus had the opportunity to have her first full-length musical, X-Spelled (An adaptation of The Princess and the Pea) performed in August 2019 with the nonprofit organization, Empower Humanity. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Tony Castrigno on a hugely successful run of a newly-acclaimed musical, Austen’s Pride, at the 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle! Great reviews!!

Kurt Johns put on a hugely successful NYC reading of the hilarious Hello Kitty Must Die this October!