Don’t Quit!

Don’t worry, this isn’t an inspirational post about making sure you get to the finish line of whatever you’re working on (In fact, sometimes it’s important NOT to get to the Finish line).

This is a post to get you to go see Don’t Quit Your Night Job, an improv/sketch comedy/musical/cavalcade of stars that takes place once a month.  It’s face-hurtin’ funny, stars some great talent, and the proceeds go to charity.

Yes, go to laugh your a$$ off and see some Broadway stars making fun of themselves, but also go for this reason:

Last year, a commercial run of Don’t Quit tried to make it Off-Broadway.  It didn’t work.  I think it could have.  Do you?  How could you have made it work?

Oh and big props to the creators for not letting the failure of a commercial run stop them from doing what they love to do and what they do so well.  It would have been easy to “quit” after that, and most people would have.  They deserve some credit for keeping on, keeping on.

Oh crap, here I go, turning this into an inspirational post again.  Dang it!

  • BT says:

    Part of the reason this show works in its’ original and current format is because it’s a cool “in” thing to do. Plus it is in limited quantity. You can only go once a month or so.
    When it moved to Times Square and multiple shows a day, they effectively squashed the reason the “mainstay” customers go. I love the show, but there was no way I was going to go to Times Square in a more commercial setting. It just didn’t “feel” right.
    It could work on a limited showing basis. There ARE people who come to see it who are tourists… but not very many. They are “hard core” theater/fun types. Not the “statue of liberty”/Macy’s types.
    There is definitely an opportunity for a show of this type to make it. There is certainly enough talent.

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