Your High Rollers.

The “Golden Rule” in casinos doesn’t have anything to do with being nice to your neighbor.  Their most important axiom is the ol’ Pareto Principle, or the 80-20 rule.

The casinos know that as much as they love when John and Suzy from Tulsa come for the weekend and lose $150 in the slots and buy the $7.99 buffet, John and Suzy aren’t paying for the Picassos in their lobbies and the shows in their theatres.

What’s paying for the luxury that keep John and Suzy coming are the Whales.Don’t think Whales or High Rollers are exclusive to that one glittering city in the desert (or the Indian reservation near you).   High Rollers are in every industry, including the theatre.

High Rollers are your premium ticket buyers.  High Rollers are your subscribers.  In the Off-Broadway world, High Rollers are your full price buyers.

Even though they may not represent 80% of our revenue, these people, who are willing to spend top-dollar plus, are people we need to pay attention to and respect.  More High Rollers means a higher profit margin.  So how do you get more of them?

Think about what Vegas does to take care of their High Rollers.

Now what do you do to take care of yours?  Do you greet them?  Do you give them free stuff?  Would you make a dinner reservation for them?

Watch your whales.  High Rollers keep the money “rolling on in.”

($10 iTunes gift certificate to the first person who posts a comment with the name of the musical that lyric is from.  No googleating – my sniglet that means cheating using Google).

  • Mary says:

    Wasn’t that Evita?
    Great, even if it wasn’t, I have visions of the movie version in my head with Antonio Banderes jumping around like a fool in the midst of flying paper.
    Also – one of these days I will buy a premium ticket that gives me more than just “the best seat in the house” – I’m paying good money and I don’t get anything else? Shame.

  • Kevin McGowan says:

    Ken, you must have Evita on the brain (or at least that song stuck in your head) since you quoted that same line to me a few days ago…I will say there are worse songs to have stuck in your head (“Omigod you guys” from Legally Blonde being one of them…)

  • I don’t think it’s EVITA because that’s the “rolling in.”
    I would just like to say I am a premium buyer. Not by choice usually, though. I’m 6’5″ and can’t risk getting stuck in the middle of the row with my knees jammed into the seat in front of me. The most expensive ticket I ever bought was for TARZAN at $125. It also happened to be the most inept show I ever saw on Broadway or on tour. Talk about irony.

  • Okay, so I re-read the blog. I guess I don’t by Mel Brooks premium, just pre-Mel Brooks premium.

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