Guess where I am?

Which hotel do you think I was in when I took this picture of the guest services aka concierge counter?

Ok, it’s not a hotel.

So which casino do you think I was in?

Sorry, wrong again.

I wasn’t at a hotel or a casino.

I was at a movie theater.

Once again, we got beat.

Wouldn’t it be great if theaters had concierges?  (I would actually argue that the theater-going crowd is probably more likely to expect and utilize such services.)

A theater concierge could get a limo for you, a dinner reservation, or . . . wait for it . . . build up enough trust with the client in order to recommend and sell tickets to other shows in the same complex or theater chain!  🙂

They could do everything that a traditional concierge could do, and through commissions, tips, etc., could probably pay for itself with little or no financial strain on the venue.  At the same time, the venue would create a trusting relationship with their audience that would turn into loyalty and additional business (and a great mailing list).  At the very least it would create a remarkable experience that would get talked about.

Then again, maybe they wouldn’t do anything except let people know where the bathrooms are.  But that’s enough for me. Hotels, casinos, and other luxury service providers are there to take care of their customers not just when they need them, but IF they need them.  And we should be too.

It’s this type of value that keeps people coming back and paying the big bucks.

Let’s not get beat by the movies again, Ok?  They only charge $11.75.  That’s when we really start to look bad.

  • Charlotte St. Martin says:

    Ken, delighted to see your comments. We are introducing Broadway League Concierge and Ticket Center in May. Loved your comments and we agree!

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