Favorite Quotes: Volume VI

“It is my instinct that the theatre has always survived on mavericks – people with a passion for the theatre who go their own way.”

– Cameron Mackintosh

 Cameron is the modern maverick.  He’s the last one that I know of that did it all on his own.  You don’t see a lot of other names above the title mucking it up (to use an expression from his homeland) on his shows.

Could it be that his solitary vision is one of the reasons his shows were so successful?

You better believe it.

I don’t care if you have one name above your title or a hundred, there better be one designated person leading the charge.

There are never two Generals in a battle.  Never two teachers in the same class.  Never two Presidents, dictators, CEOs, and so on.

That doesn’t always mean you have to be the lead.  There is nothing wrong with sitting second, third or last chair.

As long as someone, preferably Cameron, is sitting in the big chair.


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