Yesterday’s winner and a correction.

Wow.  I’ve got to start coming up with harder questions.  You guys killed that one and gave me grief for making it too easy!  🙂

$15 iTunes gift certificate to Gil for correctly identifying On The Town from yesterday’s post.  Gil – check your inbox!

Oh, and A. Scott may have found a snag in my post yesterday.  I mentioned (in a little bit of dramatic buildup) that Phantom sold more premium tickets than Wicked.  Swami Mahoney may only have been looking at Telecharge figures, which would exclude Wicked and other Ticketmaster shows.  I’m going to do some investigating to see if I can clarify the stats, but if Phantom is outselling Jersey Boys, then it has to be pretty close to the green girl, if it’s not beating her.

But thanks A., for the astute observation!

(Update on the above:  In his statement, Mr. Mahoney was referring to Shubert houses only.  I misunderstood his quote to mean all Telecharge houses.  So at this point, we have no actual data that suggests Phantom is outselling Jersey Boys.)

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