I’ll take the option that sells less tickets.

I got in a conversation about print versus online advertising today, and I posed the following SAT-like question to my adversary . . .  got your #2 pencil ready?

At the very beginning of a campaign, one Producer spends $100k on a print ad that sells $100k worth of tickets.

Another Producers spends $100k on Google ads that sells $50k worth of tickets.

Which one is more valuable?

A.  Print
B.  Online
C.  Neither
D.  Multiple choice questions suck.

My answer?  B (and D.)

Obviously this is an oversimplification because we don’t know all the specifics, but here’s my general thinking . . . sure, you may have sold less tickets, but online statistics has taught you a helluva lot more that you can use the future (even on print campaigns).

You’ll sell more because you initially sold less.

It’s education and it has a cost.

Why do you think med school is so expensive?  Because those schools know after you pay them a buttload of cash you can use that knowledge to earn an even bigger buttload.


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