Speed dating for producers.

My biggest advice to new producers is to follow the famous Nike philosophy (one of the most successful advertising tag lines ever), and get out there, find a show and produce it.

The rebuttal I hear most often is “Where do I find a show to Produce?”

Well, here’s one option.

The New York Musical Theatre Festival is holding their annual Next Link Networking Party next weekend. It’s like speed dating for producers, writers, designers, etc. looking to get involved with a project that will go up at NYMF in the Fall.  Bring your business cards, your passion and a goal . . .

Tell yourself you won’t leave until you find a show that you want to produce.

Tell yourself you won’t leave until you get a producer to read your script.

Tell yourself you won’t leave until you do something . . . anything . . . just set it and Nike it.

See?  It is like speed-dating.  The goal is the same.  (Wait for it.  Wait for it.  Good, you got it.)

Next Link Weekend Networking Party

Sunday, May 18th
5:30 – 8 PM
334 West 46th St.

  • Samantha Dercher says:

    I’m a college student interested in a career in arts administration (possibly artistic direction, producing). I’m very interested in this networking party and was wondering if you need to belong to any sort of organization or company in order to attend.

  • Demetrius says:

    Thank you for writing this blog! It’s very informative, upbeat and useful; this entry is another great example of it.

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