The Tony nominations are in: we were all wrong.

The nominations were announced this morning, and here are the four shows with a shot at the fat trophy this year:

Cry Baby
In The Heights
Passing Strange

Ok, ok, so in my prediction, I knew I was hanging out on a limb by choosing YF over Xanadu, but the shock of this set is Cry Baby getting a big nod over YF and A Catered Affair.  I can’t help but think that Brooks backlash had a big part in the YF snub, but the ignoring of A Catered Affair (in so many categories) will be the talk of Joe Allen’s for days to come.

Unfortunately, the nominators fooled all of you as well.  Only one of you chose Cry Baby as a nominee (Kudos, Catherine bdg), and most of you chose Affair.

But since it was such an odd year, I’m going to get everyone that took a shot at the nominees the Starbucks card anyway.  So check your email and have a couple of frappuccinos on me.

Here’s some insider Tony nomination trivia:  The Edison Cafe (aka The Polish Tea Room), which has been the preferred diner of Broadway muckety-mucks for decades (and was featured in the Neil Simon Play 45 Seconds From Broadway), becomes a conference room at 1 PM on the day before the nominations.  The cafe closes up, they black out the windows, and the nominators meet there to make history . . . probably over matzoh ball soup.

Love to hear your thoughts on all of the nominations, so let the commenting begin!

  • Catherine Lynch says:

    I confess it wasn’t me, but the person below me who guessed Cry Baby. Actually, when I heard them call Cry Baby for Best Musical I literally yelled WHAT?!?! lol
    I’m just sooo excited for In the Heights! 13 Noms! They deserve it!

  • tamra says:

    i am quite shocked as well!
    I knew ITH was gonna sweep the nominations, but I was quite shocked at the number, and am so excited for Robin De Jesus.
    I do not see Passing Stange winning Best Musical, but i expected ti to be nominated. The cast (and band) are all extremely talented and very invested in the piece. I however think that the story is very weak and too disjointed.
    Cry-Baby was a shock to me at first but upon further reflection I can see why it was nominated. This show is a spectacle, and is carried entirely by the ensemble, Christopher and Alli. It has everything a Broadway show “should have.” (Meaning what the typical non-theater goer thinks a show has). Which is a large cast that does every dance move to perfection creating a sight to see, crazy set changes, and i forgot the other one i thought of earlier. I think the two leads are not very good (but shh). I can understand it.
    Xanadu, well i have several thoughts on that one.
    I feel that it was wrong for Sierra Boggess to not have been nominated. I am not a fan of The Little Mermaid movie (It is actually the only Disney Cartoon i have despised since i was 5) but she brought Ariel to life in a way that actually made me like The Little Mermaid. They also should have gotten a choreography nom since they have created something completely innovative.

  • MHR says:

    I’m not surprised at all. Mermaid was a big laugh. Brooks pissed the industry off. And many felt Affair belonged in a regional theater.

  • bdg says:

    I guessed it before, and I’m not surprised at all the Cry Baby got a nomination. As the person above notes, it really has everything someone would look for in a broadway show. And even though it hasn’t had the crowds that it’s better sibling (Hairspray) has, it’s still a very entertaining show. I’m glad it was nominated, because it’s very clear that most (if not all) of the cast is truly enjoying themselves in that show! The ensemble especially is awesome.

  • Nate says:

    Thanks for the starbucks card;) I have one thing to say: yey Xanadu. 🙂

  • I saw Cry-Baby during the big “closing on Sunday” rumor in previews and was surprised to find I loved it.
    I’m still telling everyone I know to give it a shot but thought it could hope for nigh but commercial success. (Not that THAT is so bad at all….)
    Still I didn’t pick it. I thought A Catered Affair, while really flawed, might pull off a nom.
    Or did I go with YF despite that negative backlash?
    Don’t remember. Perhaps I’ll have to try to remember over a cup of Starbucks.
    Thanks Ken!

  • Rick says:

    Disappointed for John and Harvey, could care less about Disney and Mel, ambivalent to Passing Strange and still feel like “In the Heights” has the best chance. If “Cry Baby” wins, granted, I haven’t seen it, but I’d pin its success on our culture’s increasing (and disconcerting) love of nostalgia, particularly the curiously oppressive (yet, so endearingly regarded as “carefree”) years leading up to the late 60s. Such as is the case for shows like Grease, Mamma Mia, Hairspray and Cry Baby, sometimes all you need to feel good is a nice s’more. Forget cultural nutrition, smoosh that marshmallow in between those graham crackers and let the rapturous taste sensation begin!
    So much of what passes for entertainment these days seems like some derivation of “American Bandstand”. From “American Idol”, “Dancing with the Stars” to all the feel-good live shows that sell tickets, I genuinely find myself in drop-jawed amazement at what the masses flock to. But hey, who am I to argue with a successful bottom line? It’s where our culture is comfortable residing at the moment for better or worse (artistically speaking).
    Perhaps we should all meet at the Starbucks on 49th & 8th in a week or so and mull it over. Thanks, Ken!

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