Take II: And the winner of the Tony Pool and the iPhone is . . .


While grading your tests, two things happened:  1) I found our winners, and 2) I remembered why I never wanted to be a teacher.  And it wasn’t just because my high school English teacher told me that he got so stressed teaching that he used to think of students as he chopped wood after school . . . and he didn’t even have a fireplace.

Ok, enough of that awkward intro, here are the winners of the first annual Producer’s Perspective Tony Pool!

GRAND PRIZE:  The new (say it with me) iPhone!

Dial it up, MARYBETH IHLE, and get ready to switch to AT&T because you won!  And no tie breaker necessary!

1ST PRIZE:  $50 to eat at Angus, where after a few Blue Hawaiis, all the Tony losers will be giving the speeches they never got to give.

Angus changed up his menu recently (I’m starting a petition to bring back the sirloin steak salad), and ERICA RYAN will be eating for free soon enough (and signing my petition soon after).

2ND PRIZE:  2 Books off the PP recommended list and a 4 pack of Red Bull

Shotgun that Producer juice so you can stay up all night reading, LUCY YU, because your hot Tony pickin’ just slid you into the money.

Thanks to the rest of you for playing.  This was the first annual PPP, which means they’ll be one next year too, giving all of you who picked Xanadu to win another shot (Sorry, Cubby, that means you too).

And can you imagine what the iPhone will be like next year?

My portion of this blog is over.  Now, I’m turning it over to you.

I want to know what YOU thought about the Tonys!  Comment away below, just end your comment with a DidHeLikeIt-type thumbs up, down or mixed.

Because whether or not the actual ratings were up or down last night, it’s your ratings that I’m much more interested in.

  • MissPinkKate says:

    I thought this year’s televised ceremony was a great improvement over previous years, which I found slow and boring. The pace was perfect, and I loved seeing all the musical numbers. Hopefully next year’s ceremony will be done the same way! THUMBS UP from me.

  • BT says:

    The Tony Award Show this year was the best I’ve seen from a marketing/entertainment standpoint (and I am NOT a Whoopi G fan). Remembering it is (from my and a producer’s standpoint) a marketing vehicle – and they hit as many “come to broadway and see a show” moments as possible.
    Showing parts of the current major shows PLUS reviving the “recent famous” shows (Spring Awakening, Chorus Line, Spamalot, etc.) for quick mini-glimpses involving Whoopi – was EXCELLENT marketing on TV of Broadway.
    I’d LOVE to know what the “one time only production for 4 minutes of the TONY show” costs of the “full” songs (Passing Strange, South Pacific, etc.) were compared to the same costs/deals for the “Mini with Whoopi” spots.
    Somebody who has an in with Cubby should know! (And I was wondering how the survey tool would automatically grade the results… turns out, as I expected, it doesn’t!)

  • NineDaves says:

    Congratulations Marybeth. Part of me wishes I never sent you this link, but the other part of me knows you’ll let me use your iPhone from time to time, so I’m not too upset!
    As for the awards, I thought they were great. I wish Play Revival would have been telecast, but I thought the performance-packed show was really enjoyable, and flew by. And Whoopi was perfect – just the right touch of sass and the right amount of resepct. THUMBS UP!

  • Jim says:

    Big thumbs up from me. The scenes from the shows were, overall, good selections and interestingly presented. The addition of THE LION KING plus the non-Big Award nominated shows was a big plus. It would have been nice to see something more creative for RENT, but Whoopi’s clever Tony bits made up for it.
    Next year I’d recommend Whoopi (who was always my favorite Oscars host), except give her bigger punchlines (something more than just singing Tony over and over). The best Tony openings, though LION KING was great, are the ones that are big and constructed specially for the show (like “One Night Only” from several years ago).
    The speeches were interesting, and a few of them were surprisingly short.
    It’s always sad to think that, for many shows, so much rides on an awards show, but I guess that has less to do with the Tony production itself.

  • Damian says:

    I really enjoyed the Tony’s this year. I agree that it was most entertaining! The addition of the non-nominated shows doing a number was a fantastic idea to keep it chock-full of song and dance. Whoopi was an excellent choice for hostess despite the cheese-and-puffball-like comedy, and the choices made to televise certain awards were disappointing to me but a great strategic idea marketing wise.
    However, in years past PBS used to do an extra Tony telecast broadcasting the awards not shown on CBS, and maybe it wasn’t cost effective to do that, but I sure did enjoy them. Then again it could be that I live in Missouri and any chance to really see all aspects of a Broadway show interests me highly, who knows.
    My one surprise though – and perhaps it’s because I don’t live in New York but in Kansas City, MO – I didn’t realize South Pacific was such a quality show. It won several awards and beat out nominees who I thought where a shoe in for a win; it was quite unexpected in my book – but then my book isn’t published and perhaps that’s why – things that make you go hmmm?  But what can I say; Broadway doesn’t reach all the way to the Midwest, and it’s not very often that I can reach all the way to Broadway despite my internet, book and magazine efforts.
    Also, Kudos to In the Heights for their Tony accomplishments! Being a Latino theatre practitioner myself, there was a sense of great pride when their win was announced – along with Lin-Miguel Miranda’s win and speech – it was very inspiring. Hurray for In the Heights!
    All in all it was a great night for Tony!

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