Me and the geeks chattin’ about investing in Broadway.

I was asked to be a guest on “The Wall Street Geeks” BlogTalkRadio segment on Sunday night.

The segment served as an intro to investing in the Great White Way for all of their Wall Street savvy investors listeners. Host Michelle Price asked me some great questions, including one which led me to my favorite new analogy.

Tune in and listen to me compare the process and timetable of returning capital to investors to an overflowing pool.

Thanks for having me, Geeks!

  • Jay Kuo says:

    Hi, Ken. I’ll be sure to give this a listen. Loved your interview on Broadway Bullet, which is how I heard about this blog.
    I’m the producer of a show in SF called “Insignificant Others.” It’s in a 265 seat house at PIER 39, and we play only on weekends currently. It’s taken us 5 months to get to the point where we are beating our weeklies more often than not. What a tough business! At this rate it will take a year to recoup. Yikes. But at least recoupment (and profits) are a possibility…definitely would like to become an overflowing pool!

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