Survey says! It’s nice to meet you.

Thanks to all of you who completed my survey!

You gave some terrific feedback, and it was just cool to find out a little more about you.  Sometimes I feel a little like nutty Norma Desmond typing to all you “people out there in the dark”, so it’s nice to know that the lights are on and there are a lot of people home.

Want to know more about the other folks reading?


60% male
40% female


3.6%    18 and under
21.4%  19 – 25
23.2%  26 – 30
24.1%  31 – 40
16.1%  41 – 50
10.7%  51 – 60
.9%     61+


33.9%  Producer
25.0%  Writer
22.3%  Actor


93% in the US
51% of those living in the US are in NY
5% are from Texas

Our Far-Away reader award goes to our reader down under in Australia.

Neat, huh?

Data is real. It forces you to focus.  It gets us out of the ethereal and into the actual.  It establishes a baseline, which you can then use to improve.

Who can you survey?  Here are some ideas:

Survey your regional theater audience about what shows it wants to see next year before planning your subscription season.  I’ll bet you 2 boxes of Domino’s chicken kickers you’ll sell more tickets.

Survey your actors about the directors and choreographers they want to work with.  I’ll bet you double or nothing you get more people to show up for auditions.

Find the data.  Use it to focus.  And use that focus to improve whatever it is you do.

One more stat:


“I also enjoy the entries that spark discussions in the comments, as your readership seems to boast incredibly smart people who, whether they are challenging or agreeing with your thoughts, respond with respectful and well thought-out comments.”

Damn straight, my readers are smart.  I kind of want to challenge another blog in an smart-off or an arm wrestling match or something.

My comment on that comment is to continue to comment!  I’ve read so many Oil Barrels of Wisdom (so much more valuable than pearls) from all of you.  This blog was created to try and turn the Titantic that is Broadway.  It’s going to take time.  It’s going to take effort.  But if we’re all here grabbing the wheel, then over time we just might find a way to smoother waters.

Um, to the one person who told me in the survey to ease up on the analogies in his/her feedback, don’t read that last paragraph.

Oh, wait, crap.

  • Braden Chapman says:

    Thats an awefully big row boat Ken- I don’t think you’ll be able to move that ship very easily by yourself.
    If Broadway is Titantic…. what is the ice berg? and who gets to play the unsinkable molly brown?

  • Chris says:

    The iceberg is old publicity and promotional methods. Broadway is a machine that’s having a tough time adjusting to the new world, and Ken is a man with a mission: teach Broadway to market and promote to savvier, smarter, and more technologically-minded audiences. At least, that’s how I perceive it. I think that’s certainly one aspect – perhaps not the whole picture, but definitely part of it.
    [Molly Brown is obviously Kathy Bates, in a confusing case of cross-medium stunt casting.]

  • Cedric Yau says:

    You have me down for either the arm-wrestling competition or the smart-off.

  • I agree 100% about the importance of surveying and data (as it would happen, my “day job” is database marketing… LOL). I’ve been trying to get the theatre where I serve on the Board to adopt this type of outreach but, as I’m sure you know, many balk at anything that reeks of change or foreign concepts.
    In such a technologically advanced world, why isn’t the theatre community embracing what technology can do for them? The tide is turning but it is definitely a slow-going change.

  • Darryl Rosin says:

    Gee, I guess the far-off reader must be me! (I’m pretty sure I took the survey and I live in Australia. Sounds like a good match)
    Perhaps I can pick up my award from you when I visit NYC in November ;^)

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