Why you and your career are like teenagers.

Provided you’re “eating right”, you’re growing every day.

I know it may not seem that way. At times you may feel like you’re not going anywhere, that you’re making no progress, that you’ll never be “tall enough to ride this ride”. I feel this way all this time.

But remember when you were a kid and every time you saw grandma or your parents’ friends they alway said, “My oh my, look at how you’ve grown!”

And remember how you didn’t know what in the name of growth spurts they were talking about because you didn’t feel any different?

It’s hard to feel growth from the inside. But trust me, grandma and everyone else can see how you’re changing.

So keep eating your veggies (studying) and getting your exercise (doing shows), and you’ll be one of the big boys soon enough.

And unlike a teen, there’s no end to how big your career can grow.

  • I know I’m growing. Every time I get on the scale! 😉
    Keep up the pep talks, Ken. And how about “Spreadsheets Are A Beautiful Thing” for a topic? Then prove it…

  • John O'Hern says:

    Just do one thing a day to advance your career,project, whatever, just one small thing. At the end of a year you have taken 365 steps towards your goal. Believe it or not, that’s a lot.

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