Favorite Quotes: Volume VIII

Want a show to happen?  Book a theater.
– Anonymous Producer

I talk to a lot of people with shows, and people with ideas for shows and people with shows about ideas for shows.  Are they good?  Who knows.  Most haven’t been done yet.

Every time I find myself wallowing in development hell on a project, I book a theater.  Sometimes for full production, sometimes for a reading, sometimes for something in-between . . . but I book a theater.  For a performance.  Where people are going to sit and watch what I’ve done.

Oh crap.  There are going to be people coming to see what I’ve done!

And presto, all of a sudden things start to happen.

You’ll have to get a cast.  You’ll have to raise the money.  You’ll have to finish Act II.  You’ll have no choice.  The theater is booked and there are going to be people coming to see what you’ve done.

Creating art from scratch ain’t easy.  You know what is easy?  Sitting on it forever trying to make it perfect.

But you can’t.  You gotta get it out there.  Because the truth is . . . it’s not art until the world has seen it.

So get off your Act II and book a theater.


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