And I would make the check payable to . . .? ME!

It ain’t easy being self-employed.

As a writer or painter or anyone trying to create something from nothing, it’s hard to churn stuff out without a boss giving you guidelines, deadlines . . . and a paycheck.

One of the first practical lessons they give you as self-employed artist is to give yourself guidelines and deadlines (write a scene a week, or write between the hours of 9 – 10 AM every weekday) . . . so why not give yourself a paycheck, too?

Yep, I’m telling you to pay yourself, because you’d probably never tell yourself that.

Give yourself an hourly wage, weekly wage, or a wage-per-page . . . and at the end of each week, literally give yourself that money.

And blow it on yourself like you’re a playa in Vegas, yo.

You can spend it each week, or save it up.  But eventually spend it on something you wouldn’t normally buy, but something that makes you feel great:  a pedicure, a steak, a trip to St. Croix.

You don’t have to pay yourself a lot of money, just something.

Besides, if you don’t feel like you’re worth a few bucks, how can you expect anyone else to think you’re worth more than a few bucks?

  • Interesting idea, Ken. Love the thought of paying myself for the countless hours I slave over a script. And treating myself to something special. And then dealing with the Catholic guilt! 😉

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