Don’t run from the roaches.

I was on a subway platform the other day.

And so was a roach.

And so were a group of Australian tourists who, when they saw the roach, ran to the other side of the platform, shrieking like their shrimps were burning on the barbee along the way.

I couldn’t help but wonder what that roach would have done if the Down-Underians had run right AT him, instead of running the other direction.  I’d bet that the little “bugger” would have scurried off into the subway tracks, scared antenna-less.

Most people are scared of roaches.  They are dirty and ugly and there are a lot more of them then there are of us.

Huh.  That’s just like the business world.

You’re an independent thinker.  You’re a rarer breed.  You want to do big things.  Great things.  You don’t like the status quo.

Roaches do.

And roaches will try and infiltrate where you live, where you work, in an attempt to scare you away from making any kind of change.

Just remember. You’re bigger than they are.  You can crush them with one stomp.  But to do so, you can’t be on the other side of the platform.

Next time roaches try and scare you away from where you belong.  Don’t run away.  Run at them.

Or if you really want to prove your point, take a bite out of one.

  • Lindsey Freeman says:

    I really enjoyed this blog, and will take it as a good lesson learned for future roach encounters I will surely be having in the dorm… 🙂

  • John Mascaro says:

    I really needed to hear this considering it’s my birthday today and I’m returning to the world of acting and musical theatre with a passion! Peace
    John Mascaro

  • This post is horrifying.

  • Alli says:

    I think there was a song about this, called “Die Vampire Die”

  • Eric Cheng says:

    Hey, that’s me eating the roach in the photo you linked to. How did you find it?
    Oh, wait. I just googled, and it comes up first in images. 🙂

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