Favorite Quotes: Volume XII

When discussing his unfortunate flop, 1971’s Lolita, My Love (closed OOT in Boston), John Barry, one of the most celebrated film composers of all time (he wrote the theme to Somewhere In Time) had this honest and objective comment about this own work.

I think for a musical it got too dark.  I loved it for every
reason that they [the audience] didn’t like it. But what are you going to do? They’re
the ones that pay.

Mr. Goldfinger has it right.

The “my show is my child” metaphor has been used more often than a booster seat at The Little Mermaid.  Yet, it’s important for parents and producers to know that sometimes, people aren’t going to like your kids.

It doesn’t mean you love them less, but it is important for you to be realistic.

Because if the majority of people out there aren’t supportive of your offspring, it’s going to put a limit on what they can accomplish.

Cuz I’m sure that even this guy’s parents loved him.


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