Where to do your holiday shopping.

I was a bit of a doomsdayer yesterday, I know.

So today, I’m gonna be Mr. Constructive-Guy and follow-up with a simple something you can do to help the biz get through this economic muck.  At the same time, this something will actually make your life a lot easier as well.

Here it is.  You ready?

Give theater tickets for your holiday gifts.

We’ve got enough eyeballs on this blog that if each of you went out and bought a pair of theater tickets for one person on your holiday list, we’d more than fill a Broadway house.  And if each you of you got a pair of theater tickets for EVERY person on your list, well, we could fill a whole week!

Here are some reasons why you should buy theater tickets as your holiday gifts this year:

  • You’re going to spend the money on gifts anyway, why not spend it on theater.
  • Theater tickets are special and have a high perceived value.
  • They can be inexpensive due to the multitude of discount sites out there like BroadwayBox, TDF and BestOfOffBroadway.
  • They can be flexible thanks to gift certificates (and the thank-God-they-are-finally-coming gift cards)
    • Although here’s an idea for the shows out there planning Holiday Gift Campaigns:  I’d get rid of the “No Exchange” policy for this season, and make it public that if you bought tickets for any performance in January or February before 12/24, you could exchange it to any other performance during that time.
  • The choice of show can be personalized to your recipient.
  • You can sit at home and buy them all in one hour, or save some service fees and take a trip to the box office.
  • You’re supporting what you love and developing more audiences for the future.

It may seem like one pair of tickets is a small thing, but to sound like a 2nd grader for a second . . . lots of small things add up to one big thing.

So ‘Tis The Season, and your task is to buy at least one pair of tickets for someone on your list.  When you’ve done it, come back and comment below what show you bought and for whom (we won’t tell).

First five folks that do it will get the opening night gift that I gave to all of the members of the Speed The Plow company; a money clip in the shape of a dollar sign that says, “F*** MONEY” – Speed The Plow, Oct. 23, 2008.

  • D. Damane says:

    Already done – does that count?! 3 tix to Spring Awakening for an Irish friend from London and her 2 best friends – they’re coming over for 5 days in January, and wanted to see something “Strictly American”. I actually recommended South Pacific (just to see Mr. Szot), but they are BOOKED!
    You provide great inspiration – and great reminders of many things we should already know!
    Many Thanks!

  • You’re in! Email me your address!
    One down, four to go.
    If any of you need ideas for some shows to buy, let me know. 😉

  • Gil says:

    It’s a shame the telecharge gift cards aren’t available in time for the holidays; otherwise I’d actually start buying them for people as gifts. How else do you buy someone tickets to a show; you don’t know whether they’re available.
    The current certificates are a joke, having to have people come into the theater to redeem them means that they’ll just keep putting it off. But if they can use it on a non-scalping site like Telecharge, with the majority of Broadway shows actually on there, I could see people actually using these…

  • Mark Seeley says:

    I bought my parents 2 tickets to South Pacific!

  • You’re the 2nd winner, Mark. Email me your address.

  • Mike says:

    Done: two tickets each to Pal Joey and August for wifey – she’s going to flip…hehe! Couldn’t agree more with the above poster – let’s get some better gift certificates from telecharge!

  • Clayton says:

    I’m in Chicago, does that count anyway? 🙂 I bought my girlfriend tickets to…yes, it’s true…Dirty Dancing for Christmas. Oh, the things we see to keep theatre alive….

  • Clayton says:

    My computer’s gone wonky, so I apologize if this message shows up twice. But I bought my girlfriend tickets to Dirty Dancing as part of her birthday/Christmas present (they fall within a week of each other). Ah, shameless movie-to-stage adaptations…… 🙂

  • Elisabeth says:

    I live in NY but my family is in Australia so tickets to the theatre or gift vouchers for theatre are a great and easy Christmas gift to organise on the web.
    This year though we have friends us for Christmas from Australia so I have bought them tickets to “In The Heights”. My mate is a dance teacher so I thought this was a good choice, also because I think it is fun to be in New York and watch a show about New York. There is still a touch of the tourist in me! Also a good excuse for me to join them and see how the show is after not seeing it for a year.

  • H. Reynolds says:

    Shared the cost of tickets for South Pacific and White Christmas with my brothers for the whole family.

  • Kendra says:

    Such a good idea. I wish my family didn’t live so far away so I could do this for more people!
    Just bought Billy Elliot tickets for myself and one of my best friends for January. He’s going to freak out.

  • Paige says:

    Done: 2 tickets to Spring Awakening for my sister! She is going to be so suprised!! =)

  • Danielle says:

    I’m in Los Angeles and I bought my mother tickets to see “Wicked” before it closes its run there.

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