Favorite Quotes: Volume XV/My response re: Jeremy Piven’s departure

“I’m a stage actor. That is what I do.”
– Jeremy Piven

Sorry, Mr. Piven.  You’re as much of a stage actor as I’m a guy with a “high mercury count.”

If you’d like to meet a couple of real stage actors, might I introduce these fine gentlemen.

  • anonymous says:

    That really seems mean. He was great on stage, and his doctor has advised that he leave the show.

  • RLewis says:

    The heck with Leo, W.H. or Piven – I went to college with understudy Jordan Lage, and have seen him in terrific shows since. Now that’s a new york actor. He may need a few shows to get his feet under him (since he’s been u/s both roles), but I’m sure he’ll be well worth the ticket price.

  • Patti says:

    this is my favorite post ever. ever.
    and thanks for the encouragement. it’s always flattering to know that people read my blog, and i will be sure to invite you to the next show. = )

  • Michael P says:

    While I saw Mr. Piven and loved his performance, after reading the articles and hearing of this “unnamed other doctor with 29 years experience? who corroborates the story of the named doctor” I would rather watch him on TV – sometimes…..Cant wait to see it again with Mr. Butz, whose work I love watching and studying ! He’s a gift for us all (as is Mr. Macy !)
    Michael P

  • Kristen says:

    I just want to say thank you,Ken, thank you so much for continuing to be a producer, for believing in the arts especially during these times of economic uncertainty. I saw Norbert Leo Butz, Raul Esparza and Elizabeth Moss today and it made my new year. Pure magic on stage and a theater lover’s dream come true. These actors had chemistry and above all, class. Norbert has already made the role his own and I love Raul for having the guts to speak his mind and the energy to keep playing his part at such an emotionally charged level after all that has happened.
    I’m going to go back and also try my hardest to convince everyone I know to attend. There IS a next generation of theater lovers out there- we just need to show our support more than ever both financially and verbally. Thank you for giving us the chance and for helping to keep bway going.

  • Leo Z says:

    The star of the Emmy award winning HBO program Jeremy Piven, was earning some serious extra cash for appearing in a Broadway play. He left the production on advice from his doctor due to a high mercury count in his blood. Mercury poisoning is a very serious condition that can be fatal if untreated. The director, who does not have an MD, nor a completed medical internship or residency, called hogwash on the star’s departure on advice from a medical professional. Mercury is a highly toxic substance that can kill in small amounts.

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