Why I love the Korean producer of My First Time.

http://www.theproducersperspective.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/my_weblog/6a00e54ef2e21b88330105369997d6970b.jpgIntroducing the My First Time bus, now trolling the streets of Seoul looking for great first time stories!  That’s right, in addition to being a moving billboard , this bus actually stops curious onlookers, asks them to board the bus, and takes their story . . . for possible future inclusion in a sequel to the show!

And when exploring the costs of renting the bus, the Producer decided to do what more of us should do . . . he bought it.

In one swift marketing swoop, the Producer did three of my favorite things:

  • Used highly visible outdoor advertising.
  • Used a unique show-specific interactive experience that is newsworthy
  • Used a different economic model that puts him more in control and gives him an asset.

I’m heading to Korea to see the show in 2 weeks. I’ll twitter and blog from there with updates, and maybe a few photos from inside the bus!  (For the Korean website for My First Time, click here.)

(Oh, and see below to understand why the Producer and I have a lot in common.  Does anyone remember when we had the ol’ Altar Boyz Vanagon cruising the streets of Times Square?)




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