Why you should care about a $20 Ticket Buyer?

A lot of Producers out there don’t pay attention to the student/fan/etc. who can only pay $20/ticket.
They’d much rather focus their efforts on getting that $120 ticket buyer.

Who can blame them? The $120 ticket buyer is the high octane in the Broadway engine.

But don’t forget about that $20 buyer.

Because the right $20 ticket-buyer will easily see your show 6 times and tell 6 times as many people how great it is.

And 6 x $20 equals . . . now where’s my multiplication table when I need it.

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Only 10 days until . . .


Friday, December 12th @ 6:30 PM
The Time Out Lounge at New World Stages
340 West 50th St. (between 8th and 9th Avenues)
Free Drink, Munchies and $25 tickets to the New World Show of Your Choice (subject to avail.)
RSVP by commenting (Name – 1st Show You Ever Saw)

Any questions?  Email me.

See you there!

  • Jared Taylor says:

    I completely agree with this. As a student, the #1 reason I have not seen as many shows as I would like is because of the price. Even with the TKTS booth and online discounts, it’s still tough for students making minimum wage at a part time job. If I saw a show I liked for $20, chances are I would go again and again, bringing new friends with me each time. Maybe shows could give away X number of tickets a month to students in an online raffle, or at a booth in the city.

  • C. Toole says:

    Also, so many student tickets are impossible with student schedules. Especially theatre students, who will definitely see a good show multiple times and tell friends (and be a very enthusiastic audience). Schedules are crazy. The ticket offers I get through NYU are for one night only, and I’m very likely to have rehearsal that night. It’s also hard to get to places when the box office opens or two hours early for student rush, because we’re most likely in class. Ticket Central’s Student No Rush system seems the best I’ve seen – cheap tickets that can be bought online in advance – but only so many shows are covered by that.

  • Mary says:

    I’ve stopped paying anything over $40 for a ticket.. And in a year, I’ve still spent thousands of dollars on seeing shows. It adds up!

  • Danielle says:

    I am a student as well and I have seen so many professional plays and musicals in the last year simply because I have figured out the art of the student rush ticket and limited advance tickets in my area (Los Angeles and, before that, Seattle). It is my understanding that Broadway has not embraced the $20 ticket (or even $25 ticket) and I think it needs to be implemented. I would have to agree that I would see a great show two or three times if the ticket price was low and I would bring different people with me each time. I would never even consider paying over $40 for a ticket (and if I did buy a $40 ticket I would be eating cereal for a month).

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