A potpourri of posts in one.

Here’s a quick rundown of some stuff I’ve been meaning to tell you:

  • Got a new musical in development?  Submit it to the NYMF (the festival where Altar Boyz was born).  Their Early Bird deadline is coming up on 2/2 (final deadline is 3/2).  Read more about it, including a quote from me about how it helped us, here.
    • If you have questions about the NYMF, head over to the Q&A/social at the Irish Rogue on Wed. 1/28 at 6 PM)
    • If you haven’t finished your show in time for the deadline, then go finish your show in time for the deadline.
  • Speaking of Early Birds, TRU has an Early Bird Special going on for their latest “Boot Camp” on 1/24.  The subject of this Camp?  Everyone’s favorite, and the question that I get most often:  “Raising Money for Theater: How, Who and When to Ask”
    •  If you want to go, make sure you say that you are
      a “FRIEND OF KEN” when you register, and they’ll give you the Member
      Rate, even if you’re not a member. 
    • Save more money by registering by 1/19. 
  • 20at20, the 2 week Off-Broadway promotion where you can get $20 tickets for over 20 shows is back from 1/26 – 2/8.
    • Oh, and if you need a recommendation on 1, 2 or 3 shows to see, lemme know. 🙂
  • Here’s the interview I did for RNN TV on the current economic crisis and how it is affecting my shows.  Parental Discretion Advised, as it also features Time Out NY critic Adam Feldman.
  • Here’s an article about the Ticket Summit panel I was on earlier this month.
  • And this one deserves repeating . . . If you haven’t finished your show in time for the NYMF deadline, or whatever deadline you’ve set, then go finish your show!  I’ll even let you stop reading the blog if you promise to finish your show. 🙂  Title of Show it, yo!

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