At the Broadway League Conference: Day 2/Is mobile marketing the future?

Day 2 of the conference brought us a lesson from mobile marketer Jared Reitzin of mobileStorm, who had these startling stats to share with us about that electronic device that’s in your pocket right now.

  • 84% of people in the US have a cell phone
  • 95% of those phones have text messaging capabilities
  • 82% of people aged 18-49 use text messaging, take pictures or access the internet through their cell phone
  • 33% of people change their email address within the course of 1 year, as opposed to only 5% of people who change their cell phone number.

And the big one that shows the size of this tsunami-like wave that’s hitting our marketing shores?

  • In June of ’07, 7.2 billion SMS messages were sent in the US.
  • In June of ’08 . . . that number increased to 75 billion.

Think texting has traction or what?

Think about this . . . If people are doing all this with their phones now, just imagine what they will be doing in 1 year . . . 5 years . . . 10 years?

You can’t imagine?  Well, you should.

The best in business aren’t thinking about what’s happening today.  Frankly, that’s for your managers.  The best in business, the leaders, the CEOs, and yes, the Producers, are thinking about what’s going to happen next, so they can surf what I call “The Tomorrow-Tsunami” all the way to shore, while their competitors are being drowned by the undertow.

We recently rolled out a text program as a subsidiary of BroadwaySpace.  Honestly?  We’re like a clumsy adolescent in a dark room, tripping over ourselves trying to find our way around.  But that’s ok.  The hope is that we’re in the space early enough that by the time the lights come on, we’ll be all ‘growed’ up.  If you want watch and see if we make it to manhood, sign up today.

And if you’ve got a sense of something coming on the horizon, don’t sleep in.  Get up, get on your board and start paddling.

  • RLewis says:

    If 82% of the people going to the theater were 18-49, then this wave might make sense for our biz. Then again, if that were the case 13 would still be running. But it’s not. Hopefully, one day these stat’s will matter for the theater world, but right now, this in not a new paradigm; it’s just trying to apply someone else’s apples to your oranges.

  • Barby Dignan says:

    I wonder at the future of just about every way that we thing, communicate, make decisions, entertain ourselves. It is changing so fast. Can we keep up?
    Live theatre will have to transform as well. Be more hands-on, more available. SELL THE ORIGINAL CAST DVDS OF BROADWAY SHOWS AT THE SOUVENIR COUNTER!!! I have been chanting this mantra for years. If I see a show I love and buy the dvd, I bring it back to Denver and show it to students of mine and friends. They want to see the live production then…they make a plan to do so on their next visit to NYC. This will NOT kill Broadway; it will increase ticket sales.And, PS, DON’T wait until David Hasselhoff is attempting (poorly) to portray Dr. Jekyll to film…get the original cast! Sell dvds on Amazon, through book stores, wherever you can. Sell them on itunes so people can download them on their i phones.

  • Sid Parham says:

    Live Theatre needs to remarket itself and needs to use social media to help it create more audience. See my blog post on Audience as a scarce resource.

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