Critic-al about the revolution.

The aristocracy of theatrical society, our critics, have lost five of their members over the last five months, and that’s got them a little nervous and a little peeved, as this article from Variety states.

While word of mouth has always been the #1 reason why people buy tickets, online media and the internet in general (including the billions of people in the blogosphere), have sped up the spreading of that word like milk of magnesia speeds up you know what.

So what has happened?  Just like in revolutionary France or revolutionary anywhere . . . the people have grown tired of listening to the privileged few, so they’re taking the power for themselves and away from those who thought they were safe in their manors.

Unfortunately, manors aren’t much when they are built out of ‘papers’.

It’s a bit surprising that they’re so critical of what’s happening.  I would bet that most critics are pretty liberal ladies and gents, and it seems that how shows rise to the surface is becoming more democratic.

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