My press agent told me not to do this.

And then it got mentioned in the Times.  🙂  (See more about it here.)

My press agent is a great one, and he has gotten me some fantastic stuff (including somehow getting The New York Times to review The Awesome 80s Prom when I told him not to waste his time, and guess what, we got a good review).

I value his opinion highly.  And I hope you value the opinions of all of the members of your ‘cabinet’ as well.

But at the end of the day it’s your business.  Your show.  And the rewards and failures are yours.

So hire the best you can.  Listen to every word they say.

And then do what you want to do.

  • Congrats on ignoring your press agent — just this once. I’m still working on making sure I properly apply good advice yet don’t become completely dependent on other people’s advice and reassurance. It’s a thin line.
    Also, what exactly does a press agent do? Is this like your PR person?

  • Lil Barcaski says:

    It’s not easy being the boss all of the time. Everyone wants approval for everything from costumes to marketing. My “cabinet” is awesome though and that makes all the difference.
    Great comments and advice to live by in your above post.
    Love the Kenisms too. Oddly enough, my blog is
    Are we all egomaniacal? Or just really smart?

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