Overheard at Angus: Volume II

There I am, enjoying my burger when I hear this from two folks discussing the biz at the bar:

Broadway Guy #1:  What are you working on these days?Broadway Guy #2:  What am I working on?  What am I NOT working on!?!Broadway Guy #1:  You’ve got a bunch of things going on?  Even in this economy?

Broadway Guy #2:  Oh sure, to succeed in this business you have to work on several things at once.  Especially in this economy.

Broadway Guy #1:  I hear you.  Wasn’t it Cy Coleman that used to say that working in the biz was like gardening . . . you have to plant a lot of seeds because you never know when they’re going to sprout.

Broadway Guy #2:  Yeah, I’ve heard that. But I think working in this business is more like juggling.  You gotta have a lot of balls in the air.

Broadway Guy #1:  Yeah.  And the person with the most balls wins.

Only at Angus, kids, only at Angus.

Speaking of balls, I’ve got a discount to Blithe Spirit for you (that segue made no sense, by the way, so don’t even try to figure it out).  Blithe is in a big Broadway house, but the best seats are on the floor so I’m telling everyone to get your tickets with this deal asap, before the good ones are gone.  You want to be as close as you can get.  Angela Lansbury has four . . . count ’em, four Tony Awards.  Blithe is a chance to see one of our most magnificent actresses live on stage.  These opportunities don’t come around often.  (Are you all starting to understand why I signed on Produce this one?)

Do you know who won five Tony Awards?  Comment below!

And email me if you want the Producer discount to Blithe.

  • Tom says:

    Julie Harris (thanks Wikipedia)
    I think the first person with the correct answer should win tickets to Blithe, not just get a discount 🙂

  • David says:

    Julie Harris! She’s amazing.
    Also, Stephen Sondheim and Hal Prince have each won 5 Tonys, they just have an additional 3 and 16 respectively.
    In addition, Richard Rodgers won 2 Tonys for his scores (South Pacific and No Strings), 1 Producing Award (for South Pacific), and 2 special awards (1962 and 1972), which adds up to five.
    Yay Tony Trivia!

  • L.A. says:

    As the other’s have posted: Julie Harris.
    She also holds the record for the most nominations, ten.
    Although Hal Prince has the record for most wins, an astounding 21. While Fosse is the only director to win a Tony, an Oscar, and an Emmy in the same year (1973).

  • NineDaves says:

    i believe julie harris has the most acting tony awards.
    i’m really looking forward to seeing blithe. but not just because of angela lansbury. yes, it’s a chance to see one of our most magnificent actresses live on stage. but duece gave us TWO magnificent actresses live on stage. and it wasn’t really worth it. i’m coming to blithe because it’s a fantastic show – one of the best written plays i’ve ever read. i have no doubt that your production, ken, combined with angela lansbury will do is justice.
    now about that discount…

  • I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Harris backstage after one of our “1776” shows at Goodspeed last year. Though she had a stroke several years ago, she was as spritely, lovely and gracious as ever. She commanded the room and it was sheer pleasure (and a goose bump experience) to have met this wonderful and amazing talent ! All Hail the Queen !

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