Why parking is like Producing.

While I was in Florida over the weekend, I went to see the stage-to-screen adaptation of Frost/Nixon.  (BTW, score another one in the win column for stage properties going 2d on us.)

The parking lot for the AMC was pretty packed, but I was lucky enough to snag a  decent spot for my rental on my first spin around.

Not so lucky was the couple that I watched drive around for about ten minutes, obviously looking for the “perfect” spot.  I could just imagine the conversation going on inside the car:

WIFE:  There’s one.
HUSBAND:  We can find one closer.
WIFE:  Look!  They are leaving!
HUSBAND:  Where?
WIFE:  Sorry. False alarm.  I swear I saw their reverse light go on.
HUSBAND:  Is that one?
WIFE:  No.  Handicapped spot.  Why not take the one we saw by the Chili’s?
HUSBAND:  We’ll find one closer.
WIFE:  The movie is at 8.
HUSBAND:  We have time.  You don’t need popcorn.  There!
WIFE:  No.  Just park. It’ll be good for you to walk.
HUSBAND:  We’re not leaving this car until we find the perfect spot, got it?

We’ve all done it.

The truth is . . . you can drive around for hours looking for the perfect spot, just like you can wait for years, trying to find the perfect project.

And when you do that, you not only waste time, but you’ll eventually run out of gas.

Are you holding off producing something because you’re looking for the perfect project?  Ask yourself . . . what is the worst thing that could happen if you produced a project that was 75% perfect?  50% perfect?

Really.  Ask yourself.  What is the absolute worst thing that could happen?  We’re not brain surgeons.  No one is going to live or die by what we do.

So park the car.  Walk the extra fifty feet.  And wave at the soon-to-be ex-husband and wife who are going to miss the beginning of the movie.

  • I 100% agree with you on this. So many of my fellow DIYers seem to drag their feet about actually making projects. They’ll have an idea they been sitting on for years, b/c they don’t have the money or the timing isn’t right or [whatever random excuse here].
    I don’t think there is anything such as a perfect project. There are only projects that you are willing to put your time and money into and projects that you are not. The only good excuse for not producing something in my opin is that it doesn’t excite you in any way. Otherwise if you have an opportunity to produce something even only sorta good, go ahead and do it.
    Every producing credit is contacts and experience gained. Who doesn’t want more contacts and experience? Also, even when a project doesn’t go well, I always get that thrill of accomplishment. I decided to do something and I did it. Nuff said.

  • David says:

    Congrats on your Recoupment Ken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Way to pull through and make lemonade out of rotten lemons!

  • Adam says:

    It’s like parking because sometimes you can actually improve your position when someone suddenly pulls out.

  • donna says:

    Well said. Perfect is the enemy of done.

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