Breaking News: Rent a theater for FREE. theatrical-stimulus package, PP readers . . . here’s a perfect example of new model thinking and the type of cooperation that is going to get us all through these difficult times, and we’ve got the exclusive.


Michael Sgouros, the owner of The Players Theatre, is offering Producer’s Perspective readers a chance to rent their legitimate 248 seat Off-Broadway theater  . . . for bubkus.


Ok, ok, not entirely free.  All that Michael wants is “first monies”, or your first 25 tickets sold.  If you don’t sell 25 tickets?  You’re off the hook.


Still, Michael just said to me, “I can’t ever imagine that we would offer this deal ever again.”


There is some piggybacking at The Players (I told you he was a new model thinker), but all the prime slots are available including Thursday to Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon, as soon as April.


Theater costs are the often the largest line item in any budget (advertising is right up there), so here’s a great way to get your show up (you finished it, right?) with limited risk.


Interested?  Email Michael ASAP at

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